Colombian Sambo Federation

Colombia Colombian Sambo Federation
  • Omar Lopera
    Omar Lopera President
  • Pedro Cataño
    Pedro Cataño Secretary General
  • Daniel Torres
    Daniel Torres Head of Technical Commission 
Carrera 38a # 7 – 05, barrio El Templete, Cali, Colombia +57 315 336 86 14

The Federation was created in 2009, having been recognized by the organizations supervising sports in Colombia (Colombian Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Sports Coldeportes). Since then, making every effort to achieve the promotion of Sambo in all areas of the country in pursuit of goals such as: social restructuring, high effectiveness and implementation of our sport in schools and universities, Mr. Omar Lopera Tamayo, President of the Federation, David Camilo Rodriguez (Treasurer) and Daniel Torres Tabares (Head of Technical Commission) support the work and administration of the Federation to disseminate Sambo. 


Recognition by the Ministry of Sports Coldeportes, the supreme institution of sports management in Colombia

Affiliation to Colombia Olympic Committee

Inclusion in the World Games in Cali (Colombia) in August 2013 (sports and combat sambo)

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