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Nicaragua Nicaraguan Sambo Federation
  • Joao Maldonado
    Joao Maldonado President
  • Amaru Canales
    Amaru Canales Secretary General
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The SAMBO in Nicaragua

In January 2013, Amaru Flores came from El Salvador to Nicaragua to visit his family and with the idea of introducing Sambo in this country. It was a happy coincidence that some childhood friends of his (Daniel Paredes and his mother Valentina Silich) were members of the organization known as RUSÁNICA, an association which brings together people of Soviet origin and students of the former URSS. 

Thus Amaru meets Carlos Perez and Oksana Bondareva with whom he visits the Central American University (UCA) and begins to awaken interest in combat sports there.

By February through Guenadi Galvez (coach and athlete of El Salvador) Carlos Perez contacts Andrey Moshanov, Development Director of the International SAMBO Federation (FIAS) and they settle the details of the visit to Nicaragua of Tigran Karhanyan which is to be on February 21. This date is considered to be the birth of Sambo in Nicaragua. During his visit that lasts five days coach Karhanyan conducts seminars and an intensive workshop for athletes and coaches for about 70 people.

In March 2013, provided with support from Andrey Moshanov, Nicaraguan coaches Jose Lanuza and William Talavera travel to Mexico for an International Seminar for Coaches and in April Nicaragua receives an invitation to participate in the Pan-American Championship of Sambo and Combat Sambo to be held in the city of Panama. During the months of April and May begins the training of the first National Sambo pre-selection of Nicaragua with about 30 athletes including men and women.

Thus in June Nicaragua participates for the first time in the Pan-American Championship held in Panama. The country managed to obtain the International Sambo Federation sponsorship that allowed renting a vehicle and bringing a bigger delegation. 16 athletes, 2 coaches and a representative travelled to the event, the delegation won 15 medals (1 gold, 4 silver and 10 bronze), which is considered to be a great success.

During the months of July and August Departmental Associations of Sambo are created in Carazo and Managua. With the support of FIAS Nicaragua managed to invite Coach Vladimir Dutov to train the selection with views to participate in the World Sambo Championships and help with the preparation of trainers as well as the First National Sambo Championship. The Departmental Associations of Managua and Carazo create the Nicaraguan Sambo Federation (FENISAMBO) and name an Interim Board which still functions and consists of the following people:

Chair: Carlos Alberto Perez Zeledon

Vice President: Jose Maria Lanuza

Secretary: Joao Ismael Maldonado Bermudez

Treasurer: Marcos Antonio Gutierrez Cerda

Attorney: Carlos Manuel Mojica Cisneros

First Vocal: William Alfredo Talavera Talavera

Second Vocal: Franklin Jose Castillo Moya

Three committees considered necessary for the development of Sambo are also created, the Law Commission is created especially to pursue the legalization of existing partnerships and building new partnerships in the departments:

Law Commission: Amaru Roberto Flores Channels

Technical Committee: William Talavera and Jose Lanuza

Arbitration Commission: Byron Talavera and Aura Maria Garcia Larios

During the months of September and October, Nicaraguan Federation works daily with the national selection and conducts seminars in different cities and municipalities in the departments of Masaya, Granada, Carazo, Chinandega and Esteli.

Also in October the first National Championship takes place and the President and Vice President of FENISAMBO travel to the Congress of FIAS to which Nicaragua was admitted as a member. Coach Dutov imparts a practical-theoretical course on training top athletes lasting 40 hours thanks to the efforts of Amaru Canales in the Central American University (UCA).

In November, Andres Felipe Aguilera and Daniel Torres from the Colombian Federation of Sambo come to Nicaragua delegated by the FIAS to support our first National Championship and monitor its proper development.

During November, a national team made up of athletes Nancys Castillo and Sayra Laguna with Luis Montes come to St. Petersburg to a World Championship for the first time, and although no medal was won, the first victory was achieved against the USA.

Currently we are working on the development of Sambo and preparing our athletes for participation in national and international events to come. About 300 athletes, men and women of all ages, engage in Sambo in Nicaragua.

In major universities in Nicaragua their sports departments have included the Sambo in their official programs.

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