• Passers-by on the streets of Chile turned into sambists

Passers-by on the streets of Chile turned into sambists

1 December 2022 Aleksandr Solomahin
Passers-by on the streets of Chile turned into sambists

One of the squares in the commune of Huechuraba, located in the Chilean province of Santiago, for one day became a place of attraction for martial arts lovers from all over the area. It was here that on the International SAMBO Day the Chilean National Sports Federation of Sambo and Martial Arts held demonstration performances and introductory classes for everyone.


Passers-by stopped and watched in fascination, and the most daring joined in an impromptu workout on the street. Chilean samboists decided that it is better to see once than to hear about SAMBO a hundred times and presented martial arts in all its glory. Having seen enough of the athletes, the spectators joined the classes, for which they received not only the first experience in mastering self-defense without weapons, but also special T-shirts with the inscription "International SAMBO Day on November 16".


“SAMBO in Chile is still a young sport, so we decided to use International SAMBO Day to spread the word about this beautiful and inspiring martial art as widely as possible. Our initiative attracted many spectators, some of whom joined the training and got to know SAMBO better. And, of course, photos and videos from the scene spread across social networks, providing our sport with additional advertising,” said Nelson Romero Vargas, president of the national federation.


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