• Online Sambo Cup (Pan America) Results and Interviews of the Finalists

Online Sambo Cup (Pan America) Results and Interviews of the Finalists

13 July 2020 FIAS
Online Sambo Cup (Pan America) Results and Interviews of the Finalists

The first ever Online Sambo Cup, where Pan American SAMBO representatives competed, was held on July 11-12. The competition was attended by 16 athletes who fought among themselves for a cash prize from the general partner of the tournament, Rosneft oil company. Following the results of all the fights, sambist from Trinidad and Tobago Keron Bourne and athlete from Uruguay Federico Soriano reached the final. In the decisive battle, the Japan athlete became the winner of the tournament. After the match the finalists shared their emotions in an interview with the FIAS website.


Keron BOURNE (Trinidad and Tobago), winner of the Online SAMBO Cup (Pan America)

“It was an amazing experience in which I had the honor to compete with some of the best SAMBO athletes of the Americas. I’d like to thank the SAMBO and Combat SAMBO Federation of Trinidad and Tobago for honoring me with the right to represent our country at this historic Pan-American Online Cup.

If we compare the online and real-life SAMBO competitions, the difference, of course, is obvious — in online SAMBO, there is no physical impact, bruises or cuts, no need to recover from injuries. Nonetheless, the taste of victory from this is no less sweet.

This tournament was a great opportunity not only to compete with other sambists but also to see our friends, as we all make one big family. And I am sincerely grateful to FIAS for such an experience.

Now I would really like to return to a proper training process and to win on the mat the very next time I represent my country.”

Federico SORIANO (Uruguay), finalist of the Online SAMBO Cup (Pan America)

“Despite my defeat in the finals, I’m more than satisfied with my performance. In the final match, my opponent showed himself as a smart and observant athlete, it was nice to compete against him.

In preparation for the Cup, I carefully watched the webcasts of tournaments held in Europe, Africa and Asia, studied the features of the first and second competition days, the mistakes made by other sambists, and of course the names of all techniques.

I can say that the difference between online and real-life tournaments is quite profound. As you come out on the mat for a combat SAMBO bout, adrenaline is in full swing, the tension is felt right in the veins. And these feelings can not be compared with anything. The online SAMBO tournament has its benefits; it is really very exciting, as friendly as possible, but the spirit of competition is still high there. Moreover, thanks to FIAS, this is a great opportunity to meet friends who you meet only at competitions.”

Results of the Online Sambo Cup (Pan America)


Online SAMBO Cup will be conducted in a series of stages: June 20-21 — on the European continent, June 27 — in Africa, July 4-5 — in Asia, July 11-12 — in the Americas. By the results of the continental tournaments, it is planned to stage super finals, in which the finalists of the continental stages will partake. These superfinals are scheduled for July 19.

The cash prize at the continental stages of the Online SAMBO Cup amounts to: 500 USD for the 1st place; 250 USD for the 2nd place, and 100 USD for the 3rd places (2 winners). In the finals of the Rosneft Cup, the amount of cash prizes will increase: 1000 USD for the 1st place; 750 USD for the 2nd place, and 300 USD for the 3rd places (2 winners).

Everyone interested will be able to watch the matches broadcast on the FIAS web resources, such as the official FIAS website www.sambo.sport, Facebook and the SAMBOFIAS Youtube channel. General partner of the event is Rosneft oil company.

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