Prohibited list of substances

The 2024 Prohibited List of Substances and Methods, valid as of January 1, 2024, is currently available in following FIAS official languages - English, French, Spanish. More language versions are available at

Please be aware that several common medicines used to treat pains and nausea, colds, and flu, etc. contain prohibited substances. Pseudoephedrine, which has been included on the Prohibited List, is a substance in many of those medicines. Potential danger could also cause vitamin substitutes, herbal products and nutritional supplements which might contain Prohibited Substances as well. FIAS does not recommend you take any nutritional supplements from unverified sources! Here are some tips if you notwithstanding decide to take nutritional supplements:

  • Think very carefully about the need for a Supplement before taking any.
  • Find out exactly what the Supplement is meant to do and who manufactures it.
  • Ask the manufacturer for a written declaration that the product contains only what is stated on the label and check carefully where they source their ingredients and how/where the product is packed.
  • Get them analysed in a laboratory.
  • Try and get what your body needs from food. Consult a specialist in order to get the best outcome, which fits your person and different stages in training and competition.

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