Technical assistance

technical assistance

The duly completed applications should be sent to the following FIAS email address:

Respected National Sambo Federations (NSF),

Please be informed that in order to apply for the FIAS technical assistance (mats and uniforms), each National Sambo Federation (NSF) should submit to FIAS the corresponding and duly filled application.

technical assistance

By sending the application, each National Sambo Federation (NSF) confirms and ensures that an NSF will cover the customs clearance, storage and other domestic duties individually. From its side, the International Sambo Federation (FIAS) affirms to cover the cost of technical assistance (mats and uniforms) as well as the transportation to domestic air or sea port.

technical assistance

Therefore, FIAS highly recommends each National Sambo Federation to contact respective National Olympic Committee, Ministry of Sport or other state bodies in order to obtain the corresponding documents (duty exemption documents, storage agreements, etc.) before dispatch.

Once the goods are delivered to domestic air or sea port, FIAS is no longer responsible for any damages, taxes or other difficulties that might occur as a result of delayed action of an NSF.

technical assistance

Completed applications should be submitted before July 1 of the year, prior to the year during which the application should be endorsed and realized. Since FIAS receives numerous applications for technical assistance, an NSF approved application can be put into a waiting list to be executed at the earliest possible opportunity.

Technical assistance applications will be carefully examined against all the requirements by FIAS. In order the application is duly considered and afterwards approved, an NSF should meet at least the following requirements:

  • National Sambo Federation should be affiliated to FIAS;
  • National Sambo Federation should have no unsettled debts or fines, if any (annual membership fees, fines for breaching the FIAS rules and regulations, etc.);
  • National Sambo Federation should register all its international level athletes (elite athletes) in the FIAS database and pay the athlete’s license.
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