Finnish Sambo Federation

Finland Finnish Sambo Federation
  • Auvo Niiniketo
    Auvo Niiniketo President
  • Natalia Gadolin
    Natalia Gadolin Secretary General
  • Juha Salonen
    Juha Salonen Vice-President
Tallberginkatu 1 D, PL 59, 00180 Helsinki, Finland +358 96 94 65 54
The Finnish Sambo Federation was founded in 2012. Legendary Auvo Niiniketo one of the leading experts in the world of martial arts who created more than 35 years ago the most popular style in the modern Jiu - Jitsu Hokuto Ryu (style of the North Star) agreed to become the President of the Federation. This style became very popular in Russia. Auvo Niiniketo was born and raised in Helsinki, Finland, and in his youth was a medalist of the Finland boxing championship among youth and a champion of Finland in kickboxing. Later he became interested in jiu-jitsu. First in Sweden and later in England, under the leadership of the European Jiu-Jitsu founder Soke Richard Morris he was practicing this kind of wrestling. The Soke’s whole life is devoted to martial arts, and Sambo was another important element of the continuation of this tradition. Auvo Niiniketo is very popular in the international arena as a highly professional coach, and he frequently conducts master classes all over the world. Vice President of the Sambo Federation of Finland is Juha Salonen, who from an early age was engaged in judo. Number of appearances in international competitions of different level has long been gone for a thousand. He is a multiple champion of Finland in different categories, the undisputed champion of Finland. He is the European champion in judo and has a bronze medal from the World Championships. Juha Salonen is an athlete to the bone, a man with a wealth of competition experience and terrific coaching abilities. Besides being the Vice Precident of the federation, he is also successfully engaged in coaching, and was able to raise a few medalists of the World Cup and European Sambo. Currently Juha Salonen, in addition to his activities in the federation is successfully doing business in the field of advertising.
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