Montenegro Sambo Federation

Montenegro Montenegro Sambo Federation
  • Dejan Lukic
    Dejan Lukic President
  • Dusan Vlahovic
    Dusan Vlahovic Secretary General
ul Peka Pavlovica 14, 20000 Podgorica +38269519186 +38269513035

Sambo in Montenegro originated 20 years ago. Since the development of Sambo in Montenegro 42 medals have been won at World Championships, European Championships and World Cup from 1993 to 2011 in all ages and weight categories both male and female.

Two European championships have been organised in Montenegro. Founder of MSF are Mr. Zoran Milovic and Mr.Dejan Lukic students of famous professor Mr. Svetozar Mihailovic. One of the oldest Sambo clubs is "Jedinstvo" Podgorica. Recent successful clubs are "Danilvgrad" Danilovgrad and "Buducnost" Podgorica, "Fedor Emilianenko" Podgorica, "B-Montenegro" Podgorica, S.K.“Crnogorac” Podgorica, S.K. "Berane" Berane etc.  

Organisation of international Sambo events in Montenegro (1997-2011) 
- European Team Championship for seniors 1997 in City of Budva 
- European Club Championship 2000 in City of Budva 
- Balkan Countries Sambo & Combat Sambo Championship 2008 City of Budva 
- Balkan countries sambo and combat sambo cup 2011 City of Berane 

New Fighters and results 
New status of MSF as a National Federation started in 2006 (after independents of Montenegro State) the new results era started with gold medal win by Aleksandar Boricic at the Balkan Countries Championship and results of junior age competitors Filip Jokovic, Petar Vlahovic, Risto Stankovic and Slaven Cadjenovic. 

The best fighter of MSF 
The best fighter of MSF is Mitar Nikolov – Bronze Medalist (Combat Sambo 82 kg) on A.Kharlampiev World Super Cup in Moscow 2011.

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