Viktor Savinov

Viktor Savinov

Viktor Savinov

Birth date: 09.05.1976

Birth place: Kharkov, Ukraine, USSR

Achievements: 6-time world champion, 6-time European champion, Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine

Couches: Alexander Nechitailo, Vadim Kapustin

Fact: Viktor Savinov is a police captain, he teaches special physical training at the Kharkov National University of Internal Affairs. He performs for the "Dinamo" sports society. Since 2007 Kharkov hosts an international sambo tournament for the prizes of Viktor Savinov.

"For me every medal is important. I already have more than 80 medals and I can tell you a story about each of them and I remember where I won it. I think that when I finish fighting I'll write a book about it."

Having completed his sports career this great athlete continues to work for the good of sambo. Viktor Savinov is a member of the Executive Committee of the International Federation of Sambo and the chairman of the Committee for the athletes of FIAS.

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