FIAS Executive Committee

  • Vasily Shestakov
    Vasily Shestakov​ RUS RUS​ President
Secretary General
  • Roberto Ferraris
    Roberto Ferraris​ ITA ITA​ Secretary General
  • Sergey Eliseev
    Sergey Eliseev​ RUS RUS​ 1st Vice-president
  • Alamjon Mullaev
    Alamjon Mullaev​ UZB UZB​ Vice-president
  • Dalil Skalli​
    Dalil Skalli​​ MAR MAR​ Vice-president
  • Eliseo Romero
    Eliseo Romero​ DOM DOM​ Vice-president
  • Anna Korchagina
    Anna Korchagina​ CZE CZE​ Member
  • Mariya Oryashkova
    Mariya Oryashkova​ BUL BUL​ Member
  • Francois Mbassi
    Francois Mbassi​ CMR CMR​ Member
  • Seongcheon Mun
    Seongcheon Mun​ KOR KOR​ Member
  • Mikhail Kozitskiy
    Mikhail Kozitskiy​ USA USA​ Member
  • Sydney SY
    Sydney SY​ PHI PHI​ Member
  • Cesar Arteaga
    Cesar Arteaga​ VEN VEN​ Member
  • Tatjana Trivic
    Tatjana Trivic​ SRB SRB​ Member
  • Nobuyuki Asai
    Nobuyuki Asai​ JPN JPN​ Member
  • Vladimir Yaprintsev
    Vladimir Yaprintsev​ BLR BLR​ Member
  • Vadim Rogach
    Vadim Rogach​ UKR UKR​ Member
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