Opening speech of the FIAS president

Vasily Shestakov

Dear friends!

More than 8 billion people live on our planet today. Everyone is a unique world. The worlds of different people are united by communication. The languages of such communication are varied and diverse. But there is a universal one; and it is called sport.

Sport is the communication through competition, and combat sport is communication through confrontation of two people, two opinions and two positions.

However SAMBO is not a mere combat embracing confrontation and conflict. It is a unique sport bearing no aggression. 

That is why SAMBO is so popular in our epoch of tolerance.

The safe falling technique, which is a fundamental element of SAMBO, helps anyone practicing SAMBO to minimize any risk of fall injury. This aspect of SAMBO helps people change their life making it safer and thus more open.

The fact that SAMBO incorporates many national types of combat sports and martial arts makes it familiar and popular with people all over the world.

SAMBO is a unique and modern sport, which is awaiting its new adepts and admirers today.

I would like to offer you join our world – the world of SAMBO.

And to those who are already part of the SAMBO family I wish perfection and harmony which this sport can bring into your life.

Vasily Shestakov

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