Dimitar Dimitrov conducted a master class in Brussels

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10 April 2024 FIAS
Dimitar Dimitrov conducted a master class in Brussels

Honored Master of Sports in SAMBO from Bulgaria Dimitar Dimitrov held a master class for Belgian and French athletes in Brussels. The event was organized by the Belgian SAMBO Federation on the basis of the local club “98-AS”.

“Among the participants there were representatives of different ages, with different levels of training. However, such an experienced athlete and coach as Dimitar Dimitrov managed to interest and captivate each participant in SAMBO techniques,” said Claude Bolle, President of the Belgian SAMBO Federation.


“The sambists were satisfied with the master class. They were able to learn the intricacies of wrestling both standing and on the ground from an eminent mentor,” added the head of the “98-AS” club, Anatoly Romansky.

For his part, the Bulgarian legend expressed gratitude to the hosts for the warm welcome, responsiveness and enthusiasm of the sambists.

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