SAMBO Presentation was Held at the Martial Arts Day in France

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9 July 2019 FIAS
SAMBO Presentation was Held at the Martial Arts Day in France

The Martial Arts Day of the International Association of Martial Arts (MAA-I) was first organized in France on July 6. SAMBO was one of more than twenty different martial arts which were represented at the event, held in Paris. The profit collected on the Martial Arts Day is transferred to the International Fund for Children's Aid.

SAMBO performances were held by Frederic Pezkevich, Ansi/Rumilli club coach. The spectators were able to assess the potential and features of SAMBO during the two demonstration sessions organized by this specialist. The participants asked Pezkevich, where and how one can practice SAMBO in France, as well as what achievements the French sambists have to date.


In addition to SAMBO, the event included such disciplines as karate, aikijutsu, jiu-jitsu, kali, krav maga, kickboxing, MMA and others. Participants from France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and Japan attended Martial Arts Day.

This international charity event has existed in Europe for many years. In France, it was initiated this year by Cyril Guénet, Executive Director of the French Karate Federation and Associated Disciplines (FFKDA). According to the organizers, this type of multisport festivals allows exchanging ideas and contacts to representatives of various martial arts.


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