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19 June 2013 Sergei Grishin

This coverage will give you information on the following issues: representatives of what professions should work in the anti-doping committee of the International Sambo Federation and what the new professional field means to the main character of our today’s coverage. We will also tell you what sport his son will do and where it is possible to find information on doping and anti-doping measures. Please welcome the Head of FIAS Anti-doping Committee, Aleksandrs Lescinskis.

The main character of our coverage is the man of sports, who had been doing judo and SAMBO in Latvia since he was 6 for 15 years headed by the famous Latvian coach Oleg Baskov. Then he got legal education and worked as a judo coach. At present sport and jurisprudence go hand-in-hand with each other in his life. Aleksandrs Lescinskis is the head of A-LexLaw Office, his own judicial office, and is the Chairman of the Board of Dinamo – Lat club. Recently anti-doping activities have also entered his life.

“How has it happened?” we ask FIAS CEO Sergey Tabakov. ‘One of WADA Charter requirements in relation to The International Federation is that the presence of a doctor and a lawyer on the anti-doping committee is a must. We found the doctor right away, my good friend Zurab Kakhabreshvili from Georgia was ideal for that position. He has been a doctor of the Georgian national judo and SAMBO teams for many years. Zurab is a professor, Doctor of medical sciences, a very clever and great man. Luckily for us, he agreed to work with us in this sphere right away.

Then came an issue with a lawyer and it was clear that he would have to be the Head of that Committee, which is also one of WADA requirements. I turned to my Latvian friend Vsevolods Zelonijs, a famous sportsman who is the Head of Latvian Sambo Federation. He introduced me to Aleksandrs. As a result, an accurate and experienced lawyer works at FIAS today. Together with 4 members of FIAS Anti-Doping Committee he took over the activities on anti-doping in the International Sambo Federation.”

“To me work in this field is an opportunity for professional growth and, of course, something like a challenge. It is interesting for me to get into the field of sports jurisprudence. I am convinced that it will be a mutually beneficial cooperation. I will try to help International Sambo Federation and at the same time I, myself, and the specialists of my legal office who work in the field of sports law receive invaluable experience and new growth opportunities. Today I am glad that I got back to SAMBO but in a little bit different quality,“ Aleksandrs comments his activities in the field of anti-doping.

As it turned out Aleksandrs had come into SAMBO not alone. His son, who is only 2.5 years old and whose name is Aleksandrs as well, will probably take this great sport up. Today the Lescinskis say that SAMBO is the sport that Aleksandrs Jr. can take up in half a year.

Aleksandrs Lescinskis Jr. doesn’t need to be explained what doping is due to his age. And for grown-ups somehow connected to SAMBO, FIAS site has recently provided special Anti-doping section . On this site page any volunteer can learn the most important and necessary documents on doping and anti-doping measures.

But the most interesting is that every person can ask a question about anti-doping online and get a quick and qualified reply. It is also the job of Aleksandrs Lescinskis that he does in his new field in addition to the legal assistance of the activities of the Committee.

All volunteers can get acquainted with Aleksandrs Lescinskis at any time on FIAS site Anti-doping page. As for personal communication with the Head of FIAS Anti-Doping Committee, you will be able to experience it very soon, this year in November at the World Sambo Championship in St. Petersburg (Russia).

As for us, we hope that Aleksandrs will not have to work in St. Petersburg in the field of his new professional life. Indeed, SAMBO does everything to say NO to doping. That is why let Aleksandrs relax and enjoy the bright and colorful SAMBO, SAMBO without doping, in the Northern capital.

Natalya Yukhareva

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