• Australian SAMBO Coach Completes Australia’s Toughest Footrace

Australian SAMBO Coach Completes Australia’s Toughest Footrace

4 October 2023 FIAS
Australian SAMBO Coach Completes Australia’s Toughest Footrace

Kyle Torney Australian sambist and coach in central Victoria has completed the famous “King of the Mountain” footrace in Wycheproof. This is a famous Australian race up the worlds smallest registered mountain carrying a 60 kg wheat bag on your shoulders. The trek up the mountain is a gruelling 1 km that saw many competitors beaten by the ominous climb, weight combination.

Mr Torney entered for the challenge of finishing the course and came in an impressive 6th place in a time of 8:37. What makes the endeavour more impressive is the fact that in the field of all the athletes Mr Torney was noticeably the smallest weighing 65 kg before the race, making his wheat bag only 5 kg less than his own bodyweight.

When asked how he prepared for the gruelling event Mr Torney stated that “his SAMBO training regime was his only preparation for the event”. He in fact had not intended on entering however at the last minute put himself in to test himself in a race etched in Australian Folklore. Lifting and throwing his training partners obviously aided Mr Torney who went in with the intention of ‘completing’ the course but managed to place 6th in a strong field of athletes from across the country.


The SAMBO coach noted that despite the differences many similarities between the famous race and the sport of SAMBO can be found.

“This is such a huge race in rural Australia and Australian folklore. It captures the imagination of working class Aussie because it’s all about grit, determination and mental fortitude. Though I did not physically prepare we work on all of those mental qualities every time we step on the matts!” – Kyle noted.


Mr Torney went on to say that next year many athletes from his gym would enter and push themselves physically and mentally in the challenge against the mountain.

“Our gym is regularly involved in community events and always looking to find ways to challenge our athletes both physically and mentally,” – Torney said.

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