UK combat sambo wrestlers compete in Liverpool

5 May 2016 Sergei Grishin
UK combat sambo wrestlers compete in Liverpool

UK Championship in Combat Sambo took place in Liverpool on April 29. The tournament held in Walton leisure center was attended by about 40 athletes. The competitions were organized by the Sambo Association of the United Kingdom.

"I want to congratulate the organizers for holding the best Championship in Combat Sambo in the history of the UK. At the end of the tournament we saw a lot of positive feedback from both participants and the audience in the social networks. I would also like to thank the officials for taking part in the opening ceremony of the competition," - said the president of the Sambo Association of the United Kingdom Martin Clark.

Боевые самбисты Великобритании померялись силами в Ливерпуле

The head of the British sambo also stressed that the decision to divide the British Open this year into two parts, Sport Sambo and Combat Sambo, has been the right one.

"We have already received a proposal for Scottish and Irish championships, in the mark of which sambo training sessions will also be held," - said Martin Clark.

The results of the UK Championship in Combat Sambo - British Combat Sambo Open 2016


62 kg

1. Shafi Islam

2. Mahender Patel

68 kg

1. Mark Duncan

2. Ryan Manning

3. Lewis Brooks

74 kg

1. Lloyd Sweeney

2. Nick King

3. Billy Wisher

82 kg

1. Ryan Peters

2. Connor Riordran

3. Neil Barber

90 kg

1. Dean Hunt

2. Paul Rogers

3. Ryan O’Sullivan

3. Dilan Manning

100 kg

1. Matthew Clempner

2. Shane Manning

3. Tom Richardson

+100 kg

1. Bartosz Kopys

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