• Digest of the week: training in Japan and Colombia, traditional tournaments in Russia and France, as well as the opening in Cameroon

Digest of the week: training in Japan and Colombia, traditional tournaments in Russia and France, as well as the opening in Cameroon

22 May 2013 Sergei Grishin
Digest of the week: training in Japan and Colombia, traditional tournaments in Russia and France, as well as the opening in Cameroon

What has generated lots of buzz in the Japanese media? What lessons should the Colombian SAMBO athletes learn? Where will the all-star SAMBO teams of the world gather next weekend? How many levels of sophistication are at the Paris SAMBO Grand Prix? What traditional sports event isn’t omitted by the Prefect in the Cameroonian city of Limbe? Answers to these and other questions – are in the digest of the FIAS website.


The seminar for coaches and judges, initiated by FIAS and the Japan SAMBO Federation, is taking place in Tokyo National Training Center these days. Trainings that are hold by the FIAS athletes and coaches under guidance of Sergey Tabakov, the International SAMBO Federation Executive Director received broad coverage in the Japanese media. Major publications and portals report on the carrying out seminar, pointing out that it will help SAMBO athletes from the Land of the Rising Sun to perform successfully at the upcoming Universiade in Kazan, as well as to achieve success in other tournaments. Look for the details of the event in the nearest future on the FIAS website.


On the eve of the important tournament the seminar was also held in Colombia. The FIAS specialist Vladimir Dutov who actively helps the Colombian SAMBO athletes to obtain the best possible physical shape as quickly as possible, held trainings in Sports and Combat SAMBO. The event, held in Cartagena in late April, was attended by a large number of people wishing to improve their technique and gain new knowledge. To check, how well have the lessons been learned, in practice will be possible as early as next weekend. At the weekend in the Colombian Cali the National Sports and Combat SAMBO Championship will take place, in which SAMBO athletes from 12 regions of the country will participate. At the tournament in addition to fighting for the title of the best in Columbia SAMBO athletes will qualify for the upcoming Pan-American SAMBO Championship.


Olympiets Sports Complex in Vladivostok is preparing to host the all-star teams of the world, which, will participate in the international tournament “Yu. Potapov Memorial” from 24 to 26 of May. These competitions bear the title of the World Cup Stage and traditionally bring together the cream of the SAMBO world. However, their results are not count in the 2013 World Cup, but SAMBO athletes throughout the world don’t miss the opportunity to check their own strength in fights with rivals at such a large and prestigious tournament. In addition to representatives of different countries, the teams from Primorye Territory and other regions of the Russian Federation participate in “Yu.Potapov Memorial”. You can learn who will be the all-star on the FIAS website very soon.


Perhaps the main French National SAMBO Tournament will be held on this Saturday, on May 25. Paris Grand Prix will be held for the 13th time and will bring together SAMBO athletes from all over the country. Both adult athletes and young men and women, as well as juniors and female juniors will participate at the competitions in Sports SAMBO. Men born in 1992 or earlier will sort things out in Combat SAMBO. In addition, under the rules during the weigh-in the athletes competing at the Combat SAMBO Tournament, choose one of two levels of sophistication: “Beginner” – for athletes involved in Combat SAMBO for not more than 2 years; “Advanced” – for athletes with more than two-year practice in Combat SAMBO. Along with the French the Paris Grand Prix is traditionally attended by representatives of other countries.


In the city of Limbe, that is in south-west Cameroon, the traditional SAMBO and nanbudo opening was held. The event was carried out at the initiative of the National Nanbudo and SAMBO Federation and with the active support of the Ministry of Sport of Cameroon. More than 30 athletes representing the cities of Yaounde, Limbe and Douala, attended the annual opening. SAMBO athletes demonstrated numerous holds of Sports and Combat SAMBO, as well as applied holds of self-defense. During the exhibition performances very young Cameroonian SAMBO athletes showed their skills. The spectators were also pleased with the technique of the athletes involved in nanbudo – one of the most popular martial arts in Cameroon. The main purpose of this style is to obtain: health and physical strength, mental strength and ability of self-control, dignity through the assimilation of etiquette. It is worth noting that among the numerous spectators present at the sports festival there were functionaries of the country’s Ministry of Sport as well as representatives of the city authorities headed by the Prefect. Those who didn’t attend the opening managed to watch reports about the event on national TV channels and read about it in the Cameroonian press.

Prepared by Alexander Solomakhin

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