• FIAS and Laure Fournier, together with Peace and Sport, taught SAMBO to children

FIAS and Laure Fournier, together with Peace and Sport, taught SAMBO to children

31 August 2021 Anton Orlov
FIAS and Laure Fournier, together with Peace and Sport, taught SAMBO to children

On the eve of the start of the first ever World Beach SAMBO Championships, which took place on August 28-29 in Larnaca (Republic of Cyprus), FIAS and the "Champion for Peace" sambist Laure Fournier, together with the organization "Peace and Sport", held a sports seminar for local children from disadvantaged families... The main goal of the training is to show children that sport is able to unite people of different nationalities, classes and religions.


More than 20 children from different regions of Cyprus were able to get acquainted with the peculiarities of SAMBO. The master class on the city sandy beach was held by the world SAMBO champion, who is also the “Champion for Peace” in the organization “Peace and Sport” Laure Fournier. The lesson included a warm-up, as well as practicing simple techniques and throws. After 1.5 hours of working with the younger generation, Laure Fournier shared her impressions in an interview with the FIAS website:


– The children liked the lesson; I saw the enthusiasm in their eyes, high involvement in the process, the desire to learn new techniques, the desire to win. During the classes, girls fought with boys, kids with adults, which once again demonstrated the full power of sport, its ability to remove any obstacles that exist between people.


The idea of ​​holding these events is also attractive because children can not only gain invaluable experience, but also literally touch the world champions. This leaves unforgettable impressions for many years, gives additional incentive and motivation to practice SAMBO; they understand what heights they can reach.


It was not by chance that we chose this site as the venue for the master class. Taking into account the fact that it will host the first ever World Beach SAMBO Championships, this adds value and prestige to training.


I really hope that the organization of these master classes will become a good tradition for all of us. We have already discussed this issue at a meeting of the FIAS Athletes Commission, and came to the conclusion that we will strive to hold them at major international tournaments. If this succeeds, then this year we will be able to hold SAMBO master classes for children from disadvantaged families in Thessaloniki (Greece) during the World Youth and Junior SAMBO Championships and in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) during the World Championships.

Young Cypriots shared the opinion of the titled French sambist.

06 Rolandik Papanidis.jpg

– I really liked the workout on the beach, I liked jumping on one leg and wrestling with other guys. Today I learned how to do the bandwagon. When I grow up, I want to become a world SAMBO champion and get to the Olympics, – Rolandik Papanidis said.

07 Marina Zakharinu.jpg

– I came here because my friends invited me. I was interested to know what SAMBO is and why they do it. Most of all I liked to do throws, – Marina Zakharinu shared her impressions.

08 Nicholas Gavriililis.jpg

– I liked to train and perform techniques, – Nicholas Gavriililis said briefly.

The results of the master class were summed up by the President of the Cyprus SAMBO Federation Marios Andreou:

– Today, children of various nationalities have gathered here – Cypriots, Greeks, Russians. They came to find out what SAMBO is and to meet the legendary athlete Laure Fournier. I see that the children really liked the training; they are overwhelmed with positive emotions. I am sure that in the future many of them will make their choice in favor of SAMBO.


By making a donation for Peace and Sport’s Peacemakers Project, you can directly contribute to support vulnerable communities, through sport. Your donation and all funds collected will support the Peacemakers Project, teaching the positive values of sport to disadvantaged children around the world. Opened Monday 23 August, the online donation platform will be presented on the Peace and Sports website for two weeks prior to September 5 – the UN's International Day of Charity.

Peace and Sport is an international, neutral and independent organization, which promotes peace using the power of sport and develops links between International Federations, National Olympic Committees and local governments, helping them maintain and develop a sustainable world through sports programs. Peace and Sport and the International Sambo Federation are partners since 2011.


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