FIAS awards the best Russian Sambo journalist

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2 February 2017 Sergei Grishin

The International Sambo Federation awarded its special prize – the Silver Stylus, to Mr. Oleg Bogatov, a special correspondent of the “R-Sport" agency of Russia Today, nominating him the best journalist of the year covering Sambo. The ceremony was held on February 2, at the Russian Olympic Committee building during the "Silver Stylus" annual award ceremony.

The award was established by the Federation of Sports Journalists of Russia in the 1950s and each year it is awarded to the top ten strongest Russian athletes, the best team and the best coach. Over the last few years FIAS has been taking part in the event. A special correspondent of the “R-Sport" agency of Russia today, Oleg Bogatov was recognized as the best Russian journalist covering Sambo in 2016. The award was given out to the journalist by the FIAS President apparatus Alexander Korsik.

ФИАС наградила лучшего российского журналиста года, пишущего о самбо

"I am very grateful to the management and all the staff of the International Federation of Sambo for such high recognition. Sambo is a sport of the strong and courageous. And each of us in his field has to do everything possible to make our national sport recognized by the IOC and for sambo to become a member of the Olympic family. Thanks to this, sambo wrestlers from around the world will receive the opportunity to participate in competitions of the highest level", said Mr. Bogatov.

Earlier, FIAS Silver Styluses were awarded to the Vice-President of AIPS, president of the Federation of Sports Journalists of Russia Mr. Nikolai Dolgopolov, and to the correspondent of TASS news agency Ms. Veronika Sovetova.

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