• FIAS is developing SAMBO in the context of “Sport for All” in the INTERACT+ project

FIAS is developing SAMBO in the context of “Sport for All” in the INTERACT+ project

21 December 2023 FIAS
FIAS is developing SAMBO in the context of “Sport for All” in the INTERACT+ project

French sambist Nathalie Cariou represented the International Sambo Federation at the INTERACT+ seminar in Linz, Austria. The event, held on December 7-8, was organized by the International Fistball Association (IFA) under the leadership of the International Association of Sports for All (TAFISA). The seminar aims to encourage athletes, coaches and sports organizations to implement “Sport for All” in various events.

“I am convinced that multidisciplinary synergies offered and brought by such innovation can be beneficial and effective in helping implement Sport for All in a sustainable way by proposing proven tools and practices, new original ways to make the discipline accessible to more people and thus allow them to benefit from all the wonderful benefits of sport in their life,” noted 7-time French SAMBO champion among masters Nathalie Cariou, who represented FIAS at the seminar.

This first seminar begins a series of events that will run until 2025. It brought together 13 participants from various disciplines and international sports organizations, including ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation), FIAS (International SAMBO Federation), IFA (International Fistball Association), GFDF (German Flying Disc Federation), along with TAFISA Project Coordination team members.


The seminar was co-presented by Nathalie Cariou, a former SAMBO athlete, Jörg Benner, EFDF Sport for All Advisor / GFDF (German Flying Disc Federation) Executive Director, Rachel Mait, TAFISA Project Coordinator, and Mayssa Bsaibes, a member of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

“Participating in this project is not only about wanting to do better for more people but also about thinking about and creating a concrete strategy dedicated to SAMBO for All, policy papers, programs, and events where, for example, disabled people will be able to practice SAMBO in an innovative way,” Nathalie Cariou noted.

According to the organizers, the workshop serves as a collaborative platform, fostering the exchange of ideas and brainstorming about optimal strategies. Attendees immerse themselves, applying their respective knowledge and experiences to design events, programs, and policies for integrating Sport for All into their discipline.


“Through its asset in the INTERACT+ 2023-2025 project, FIAS aims to promote and develop SAMBO as a genuine Sport for All. This involves making SAMBO inclusive, increasing accessibility to practice, encouraging adapted training in clubs, innovating new indoor and outdoor practice methods, and creating SAMBO for All events where everyone can participate in sports,” Nathalie Cariou added.

As a leading international sport-for-all organization, TAFISA seeks to create a better world by unlocking the potential of Sport for All and physical activity globally, contributing to overcoming the world's global challenges. Co-founded by the European Union, TAFISA boasts over 383 member organizations in more than 170 countries across all continents. FIAS has been an active INTERACT+ advisory board member since 2023, participating in the European TAFISA project "Sport 4 All" from 2023 to 2025.

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