3 May 2013 Sergei Grishin

The FIAS Membership Review Commission held its' second meeting on the May, 02, 2013. The commission scrutinised the documentation of seven national sambo federations.

Serious violations of FIAS Statute, FIAS Membership provision and Canadian Sports Law by the CANADIAN AMATEUR SAMBO FEDERATION (President Victor Sokolovski) have been revealed as a results of the review.

According to the official information provided Ministry of Tourism and Culture and Sport Ontario and Canada,

- they are unaware of any activites of CANADIAN AMATEUR SAMBO FEDERATION, and moreover,

- Industry Canada holds no records about registration of such an organisation as a non-for-profit entity.

The Commission brings to attention the fact, that they are in the possession of FIAS Membership Certificate №3 от 07.11.2007 undersigned by ex-FIAS President D. Rudman. At the same time, the fact of the granting of the FIAS membership to any organisation in Canada has not been reflected in the minutes of any of FIAS Congresses up to the date.

The Commission deems neccessary to point out, that on October, 23, 2012, Victor Sokolovski has registered the business name CANADIAN AMATEUR SAMBO FEDERATION as a sole proprietor (N 221067240) , according to the information provided by Service Ontario and Industry Ontario. Also, such a business-name has never been registered before this date.

With all the respect to the mentioned above, the FIAS Membership Review Commission took the following decisions:

To recommend to the FIAS Executive Board to consider an appeal to the legal insitutions of Canada, USA, Switzerland in order to seek a definition to the actions of responsible FIAS staff, and to withdraw the FIAS memberships certificate from the CANADIAN AMATEUR SAMBO FEDERATION.

To task the FIAS Executive Director, Development Department and Sports Department to work in the close contact with Pan-American Sambo Federation, to liason with the athletes and coaches from various Canadian sport clubs in order to promote SAMBO in Canada and to establish the legitimate National Sambo Federation to be registered in line with all domestic sports regulations and laws, FIAS Statute and Membership provision no later than November, 1, 2013

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