Columbian SAMBO Carnival

29 July 2013 Sergei Grishin
Columbian SAMBO Carnival

As we have already reported on our website, from 25 July to 4 August the World Games – the main project of the International World Games Association (IWGA) – will be held in the Colombian Cali. Along with futsal and Kudo, SAMBO came into the program of the Games as a presentation sport. Read in our today’s report in what capacity SAMBO will appear at the World Games, and who among the distinguished guests will see its debut at the Games, as well as and how the FIAS performances will be arranged at the Games.

SAMBO athletes’ performances in the Program of the World Games will be held in the Colombian city of Buga on August 1 and 2. FIAS participation format at the Games is as follows: exhibition performances of adult SAMBO athletes and children, workshops and competition meetings among the Russian, Colombian and Venezuelan national teams. The competitions will be held in Sports SAMBO in categories of 52 and 56 kg – among women and 57, 62, 68, 74 and 82 kg – among men.

The national team of our combat sport ancestors will be presented by the Russian SAMBO stars, numerous world and European champions: Anna Kharitonova, Diana Aliyeva, Igor Beglerov, Aslan Mudranov, Eugeny Sukhomlinov, Nikita Kletskov and Sergey Ryabov.

Not only children and teenagers, journalists and representatives of other sports will feast eyes with the performances of “unarmed defense” fans. They also expect distinguished guest in Buga these days, namely: Hose Luis Echeverri, Director of the World Games, Baltazar Medina Jose Luis Ekeverri, the President of the National Olympic Committee of Columbia, Andres Botero Filipsborn, Sports Minister of Colombia, John Garold Suarez, Mayor of Cali, Luis Fernando Martinez, Director of Sports of Kali, Klar Luz Roldan, Secretary of Sports of Kali, and Gektor Jairo Parra Romero, Director of the Institute of Sports of Buga.

As part of SAMBO athletes’ performances at the Games, meetings and communication of athletes with children and teenagers will also be carried out. The program also includes the unique action of the International SAMBO Federation – everyone who comes to feast eyes with SAMBO on these two days of August, will be presented a SAMBO kit: shoes and SAMBO jacket. The purpose of this campaign – is to get out SAMBO to everyone willing to practice it in the shortest and efficient way.

One should remember that the World Games are held in Pan America – on the continent with strong traditions of carnival and unique aesthetics. For this reason, as part of SAMBO performances at the Games, flower exhibition devoted to SAMBO will also be carried out. You can see the way, it will look, in our small photo gallery of the upcoming event as early as today.

Wait for a detailed information on SAMBO at the World Games and photos from the event on our website in the nearest future!

Natalia Yukhareva

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