SUEA Congress Took Place Online

25 May 2020 FIAS
SUEA Congress Took Place Online

The Congress Meeting of the Sambo Union of East Asia (SUEA) was held on May 22 online. The event was attended by representatives of all countries that are members of the organization: Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Mongolia and the Republic of Korea.

The first item on the agenda was the election of the president of SUEA. President of the Sambo Federation of Japan Masaaki Kondo proposed the current president of the organization Chongkeum Moon for this position. All members of the organization unanimously voted for this candidate. In his gratitude speech, Chongkeum Moon spoke about the next steps to be taken by SUEA. Among them were offers on registration of the organization, staffing decisions, as well as informational work, which includes the creation of the official SUEA website.

After that, the participants of the congress discussed the situation in the world due to the pandemic of the coronavirus COVID-19. Representatives of each country spoke about what is happening in their states at the moment. As it turned out, sambists in all countries experience one or another difficulty in conducting training and organizing competitions.

The pandemic also affected the timing and venue of the next SUEA congress. With a favorable development of events, the event will be held at the Asian Sambo Championships in September in Indonesia. If this is not possible, the next SUEA Congress will also be held online.

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