• Milene Wojciak: "I’ve liked to wrestle since I was a child"

Milene Wojciak: "I’ve liked to wrestle since I was a child"

14 December 2016 Sergei Grishin
Milene Wojciak: "I’ve liked to wrestle since I was a child"

French sambo wrestler Milene Wojciak won the bronze medal of the World Students Sambo Championships in Nicosia in the weight category of up to 48 kg. In an interview to the FIAS she told what goal she had set herself for the tournament, how she discovered sambo and if it’s possible to consider getting on the podium a success for a French athlete.

"The main goal was the first place and a gold medal, but I must admit that I made a few mistakes in my bouts. And this is Sambo, and we see a fair result of the tournament in general, I am satisfied with my bronze medal: I am on the podium and it can be considered a success", said Milene.

The athlete said that she was satisfied with the organization of the tournament in Cyprus.

"This is my third international competition in sambo. I fought at the European and World Championships, and now here in Nicosia. I really like this tournament, only a little confused by the long pauses between the preliminary and final parts. We got a bit tired of waiting", said the Frenchwoman.

To the skeptics confident that martial arts are not for women, Milene says:

"I’ve liked to fight since I was a child. I practiced judo for more than ten years but when the rules had major changes I decided to look for another sport and discovered sambo. This martial art is interesting to me in terms of technology and techniques that are forbidden in judo. I have been doing sambo for three years now and am very happy that my progress is noticeable in my results. And my bronze medal is a proof of it".

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