• Morozov and Perepelyuk from America: “SAMBO has become a real adventure for children”

Morozov and Perepelyuk from America: “SAMBO has become a real adventure for children”

25 September 2013 Sergei Grishin
Morozov and Perepelyuk from America: “SAMBO has become a real adventure for children”

The final day of the visit to America for the representatives of FIAS presentational group was held under the auspices of Children SAMBO. On that day they held seminars at Sambo clubs in Philadelphia and New York. Today’s report by Ivan Morozov and Alexander Perepelyuk is dedicated to this issue.

We dedicated our farewell day in America to children. We held a workshop in Philadelphia at YawaraForce Club where Sambo is coached by Vice-President of the USA Sambo Federation Mikhail Kozitski and at the international practice center in New York where we had been invited by coach Grigory Gutman.

Children always acquire information in a more emotional and excited way: they grasp every word, look into the eyes and on the whole they do not hide their own interest. Such sensitivity always enriches coaches with strengths and additional motivation.

Our demonstration of SAMBO techniques turned out to be a real adventure for children. We would like to note that young Sambo athletes are well-prepared. The problem is that in order to grasp the technique one must have a certain level of physical fitness that will enable to grasp, learn and acquire new technical moves. Children got down to work right away and started to learn and try new SAMBO holds.

There is a small trick for children in our presentations: we try to perform every throw with a little larger amplitude and feedback than usually, thanks to which we add up a little more spectacularity. One time at our workshop in Slovenia one young Sambo athlete said: They throw con amina! In such a way, con amina, we worked on that day at American clubs and the children did their best as well.

What we liked was that children asked a lot of questions and they were mostly analysis of certain technical situations that they had come across earlier during practices or competitions. We tried not only to help children, but we softly introduced to them Sambo moves that they hadn’t known before.

When it was time to take pictures it was really sad. But on the other hand it was very symbolic that we ended our tour around America at children’s clubs. After having seen the glittering eyes of many kids during our workshops we say for sure that SAMBO has a great future ahead not only in the USA, but in the whole world as well!

Yours Ivan Morozov and Alexander Perepelyuk

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