Some lyrics on SAMBO

16 November 2012 Sergei Grishin
Some lyrics on SAMBO

Today, on the birthday of SAMBO, the fans of this martial art all over the world congratulate each other with the holiday. The International SAMBO Federation as well as the website of FIAS associates themselves with all nice words about our favourite martial art which will be said today in every corner of the earth. And as a present we would like to present you some poetical verses about SAMBO.

SAMBO is a science of falling,

SAMBO is a humane sport,

SAMBO is our nature,

What do we know about it?

Tactics, technique, speed,

Leg show, grape-vine, painful,

Of course it is SAMBO,

But somehow heartless.

SAMBO is a spirit of win,

Sweat and early rise.

And the main is those people

Who are in your heart.

They will understand and help

And will go sparring with you

But the main what is very important

They will not let down.

Everybody knows that SAMBO is strength,

Everybody believes that SAMBO is a family

That is why doubtless

SAMBO stands by you for ever.

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