FIAS Tribute to Parsad Balkissoon

1 April 2024 FIAS
FIAS Tribute to Parsad Balkissoon

The International Sambo Federation expresses its deepest condolences in connection with the death of our friend, comrade-in-arms and like-minded person Parsad Balkissoon.

Parsad stood at the origins of the emergence of SAMBO in the Republic of Mauritius and was the real driving force in the development of this sport. Sincere love for SAMBO, courage, determination and boundless faith in success allowed Parsad to make a real breakthrough. In a short period, the First President of the Mauritius National Sambo Federation was not only able to introduce SAMBO in the Republic, but also to train professional athletes who have repeatedly competed at continental and international competitions. Parsad’s contribution to the popularization of SAMBO cannot be overestimated; he was a true inspirer and enthusiast of his craft.

With the passing of Parsad Balkissoon, the African SAMBO family suffered a colossal and irreparable loss, he will forever remain in our hearts.

The International Sambo Federation sincerely shares the pain of loss and expresses deep sympathy to the family, relatives, friends and colleagues of the deceased.

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