First Ever Sambo Competition in Burundi

2 March 2015 Sergei Grishin

A historical event took place on February 21 in Burundi (a country in the East Africa). The capital Bujumbura welcomed the first ever sambo competition in the country attended by more than 60 sambo wrestlers representing 5 different sport clubs. The tournament was held in INGABO sport club where sambo national team athletes of Burundi are trained. 

Selestin Ndaicey, the Director of Privileged Sports at the Ministry for Youth, Sport and Culture of Burundi, opened the tournament in the official ceremony. In his speech Mr. Ndaicey emphasized the contribution of Diomed Rutamuchero, the President of the Burundi Sambo Federation, who was first ever to present this new kind of sport in Burundi and to organize sambo competitions in the country. 

“I would like to highlight a unique nature of this kind of sport which unites people practicing sambo and allows to eliminate any differences between them. As it is with other sports, practicing sambo helps strengthen people’s heath. As for the tournament participants, I encourage you first of all to keep the sport spirit inherent to every dignified athlete. And of course I wish you to succeed here,” said Selestin Ndaicey.

Sambo athletes from INGABO, INKWAKUZI, ENTENTE, RUMANURA and URUNANI sport clubs took part in this competition. Each athlete did his best to demonstrate high skills to go down in history as a champion or a medal winner in the first ever sambo competition in the country. One of the favorites in his weight category was Samuel Nsabumuremi who represented Burundi in the country’s first sambo competitions at African Sambo Championship in Cameroon in last September. In the continental tournament Samuel won the silver medal, but in the first ever sambo competition in Burundi he left behind all his rivals and captured gold.

Diomed Rutamuchero, the President of the Burundi Sambo Federation, introduced the sambo national team to Selestin Ndaicey. “Last year our team was the 4th among 11 teams of African countries in our debut continental sambo championship. Now we hold first national sambo competitions and plan to develop this sport further, however, as any other sport, sambo requires support,” underlined Diomed Rutamuchero.

He also discussed with the Ministry representative the opportunity for the official recognition of the national sambo federation, which must be “a strong motivation for the supporters of this sport”. The appropriate request will be sent to the Ministry for Youth, Sport and Culture of Burundi in the nearest time.


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