PRO-SAMBO: Education on the Rules. Release 1

31 July 2023 FIAS
PRO-SAMBO: Education on the Rules. Release 1

The first rule of the International SAMBO Rules is “Format of the competition”. Guided by the principle that as many people as possible should know about SAMBO rules, the FIAS website publishes answers to frequently asked questions regarding International SAMBO Rules. Today you will find the 1st edition of the educational program according to the SAMBO rules.

Question: How do the International Rules for Combat SAMBO among Cadets and Juniors differ from the existing rules for adults?

Answer: The International Combat SAMBO Rules for Adults and Juniors are taken as a basis, but with certain additions:

1. Protective equipment:

- gloves with large volume and filling (6 ounces).

2. Evaluation of technical actions:

- a knockdown is equivalent to a knockout – a clear victory.

3. Prohibited technical actions:

- elbow strikes;

- hitting the head;

- knee strikes to the head;

- punches and kicks to the head in the prone position;

- lever and thigh knot;

- infringement of the calf muscle through the shin of the attacker;

- reverse knot of the shoulder with the foot.

4. Time of bout: 4 min.

5. Choking and pain techniques:

Painful and suffocating techniques in a fight are allowed to start only when the attacked is in the “lying” position, while the attacker can be in the “standing” position.

Carrying out a suffocating and painful hold on the leg should be stopped as soon as the attacked person moves to the “standing” position.

The painful hold on the arm must be stopped as soon as both athletes are in a standing position (complete separation of the opponent from the mat).

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