2 August 2012 Sergei Grishin

“SAMBO is a socially responsible sport”

FIAS is a strategic partner of the Peace and Sport international organisation. Its founder and president is Joël Bouzou, an Olympic champion and World champion of modern pentathlon. The organisation is under the high patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco. Peace and Sport operates in the territories of military conflicts and humanitarian disasters. The organisation uses sport as an instrument to bring stability, peace and harmony to various parts of the globe.

FIAS entirely supports the mission of the organisation; it actively cooperates with Peace and Sport and participates in many of its projects. One of the organisation’s programmes is Champions for Peace club with famous world champions (both current and retired) among its members. They dedicate part of their time and use their own professional skills, popularity and authority to support projects created for the benefit of peace and social development. It is highly honourable and responsible to become a member of this club. We are happy to note that in 2011 Fedor Emelianenko, a famous SAMBO practitioner, the face and symbol of SAMBO was honoured with this club membership. Fedor had the chance not only to talk about SAMBO at the sports ground but also at the international social platform. In its turn, our sport received an opportunity to become one of the instruments to establish social stability in the world.

Another project of Peace and Sport which FIAS participates in is the unique annual competition Friendship Games. This contest promotes peace and unity of young people through the values of friendship and brotherhood that sport encompasses. Friendship Games are the culminating point of extensive peace making programme held by Peace and Sport. SAMBO was first included into the programme of the Friendship Games in July 2012, and November this year SAMBO will be presented at the VI Peace and Sport International Forum.

“Safe Falling Technique Training Programme”

Neither of us is secured from falling. However, we can secure ourselves from getting injured while falling. It is important to know how to fall properly. The safe falling technique is a compulsory fundamental element of SAMBO. Based on this technique, FIAS worked out a special programme which allows to prevent falling injuries. Its aims are in full compliance with the UN Programme “UNMilleniumGoals” that emphasises improvement of people’s life quality in the XXI century.

This programme may be popular among wider population, from children to the elderly and physically challenged people. In addition, safe falling technique training requires no special equipment and can be practiced virtually in any room and even in the street. The programme suits absolutely everyone and can be the basis for training in fitness clubs.

As for children and young people, FIAS is going to introduce safe falling technique training into education programmes in schools, colleges and universities of the world. SAMBO International Federation performs overall guidance of the programme and will provide personnel training for the national federations.

At the moment, the project has been tested in primary schools in Great Britain where it was fully supported by management of these educational establishments of the country and won approval of parents  who are the main judges. FIAS has a lot of work ahead on the promotion of this project and its introduction into the educational establishments of the world.

“SAMBO is a students’ sport”

The International University Sports Federation (FISU) is one of the largest international sports organisations, as well as the supreme authority of students’ sports movement in the world. FISU coordinates activity of more than 100 national federations of students’ sport and organises the World Winter and Summer Students’ Games and World Championships among students.

At the initiative of FIAS and with the support of FISU, SAMBO was first included into the programme of World Universiade 2013 in Kazan. SAMBO practitioners from all over the world will fight for championship at the large sport forum comparable to the Olympic Games in terms of scale and significance. SAMBO inclusion into this large-scale international sports forum will become a milestone in the development of cooperation between FISU and FIAS.

Today’s students are the most active and creative part of the global community, future managers and executives, scientists and politicians. They can and should introduce our sport, SAMBO, into social life.

The next step towards students’ sport shall be SAMBO World Championship among students. Students’ World Championships will successfully predetermine FIAS inclusion into FISU and SAMBO inclusion into the compulsory programme of the World Universiades.

“SAMBO in the Commonwealth of Nations”

The Commonwealth SAMBO Association was created in March 2012 at the initiative of Lord Simon Reading, a famous philanthropist, patron of several social funds and non-governmental organisations.

In association with FIAS, this organisation implements SAMBO development strategy in 54 Member States of the Commonwealth of Nations. This activity allows to expand geographical borders of SAMBO and contributes to its awareness and popularity worldwide.

“SAMBO and photo project We Are Living on This Earth”

“We Are Living on This Earth” is a Russian-German photo project to help talented children that faced a challenge. Under the guidance of professional photographer Yuri Hramov, teenagers who coped with severe diseases and children that are still on their way to victory engage in photo art.

Photography helps children to live through a difficult period of treatment easier. It distracts them from their diseases and helps to forget about the dreadful malady. The created photo albums seem to push hospital walls apart and show a wonderful, exciting and, most importantly, available world. After the recovery, photography allows children to gradually come back to normal life and integrate into the society. No wonder that for many of them photography becomes a favourite hobby after the treatment is over.

Cooperation of FIAS and “We Are Living on This Earth” project started in 2012. Young photographers were invited by FIAS to work at the SAMBO World Cup stage “Memorial A. Kharlampiev”. The kids created and experimented in a new sphere which resulted in an excellent photo report. Later on, a photo taken at this event by Alexander Terentyev got a Grand Prix at the II International Children’s Photo Contest for Equal Opportunities “World Through the Eyes of Children” in nomination “Sport”. The prize for Alexander was a visit to the Paralympic Games in London.

FIAS cooperation with “We Are Living on This Earth” project continues. The children will act as photo reporters at the SAMBO competitions held under the auspices of FIAS. This means that through joint efforts of the two organisations with the help of sports and creativity we can help children break away from the captivity of disease and have true life.

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