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29 January 2013 Sergei Grishin
Online Education Tools

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FIAS strongly encourages all coaches to use the Coach True learning tool to assess and certify their knowledge in regards to anti-doping matters. This award-winning interactive tool is specifically designed for coaches, places you in real-life situations and delivers a certificate if you pass the final test. National Federations can use it freely, for example to monitor the knowledge of their coaches.

In order to cater to the various learning styles and demanding schedules of coaches, WADA has created computer-based anti-doping learning tool called CoachTrue.

The following features are included in the elite-level module of CoachTrue for coaches of elite-level athletes:

Ø Pre-Test: Allows coaches to identify current knowledge base

Ø Tutorials: A series of presentations with voice-overs that provide essential information on the following topics:

               1. Health consequences of doping
               2. Accountability
               3. Results management
               4. Therapeutic use exemptions
               5. Whereabouts
               6. Decision making

Ø Scenario-Based Activities: Practical application of acquired knowledge to possible real-life scenarios.

Ø Who Wants to Play True: A fun way for coaches to test their knowledge of anti-doping issues.

Ø Post-Test & Certification: Once coaches have completed all required elements, including a final assessment of learning (post-test), they are awarded a certificate of completion.

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