• Renat Layshev: I dream of becoming a class coach again

Renat Layshev: I dream of becoming a class coach again

22 December 2014 Sergei Grishin

Renat Layshev, General Director of State Budget Educational Institution Center of Sport and Education “Sambo-70” of Moskomsport, Deputy of IV Moscow City Duma, Acting President of Moscow Sambo Federation, told in his interview to Argumenty Nedely newspaper what helped him to overcome difficulties in his life.

“My dream is to return someday and become a class coach again. The class that I once coached, guys born in 1969, they are not just my former students now, but my true friends. In real world they are successful and self-confident persons. They are my circle of communication and my support. It really helps me. I can even complain, cry on their shoulders when my life is hard, and they support me. ‘Don’t worry Alekseich, we’ll make it!’ I would not be a principal without this class. And I would not go to Duma. I succeed in everything with them. We had good relationships and results. I dream to repeat something like that again. It is a consummate happiness to take fifth graders from the start and put on their feet, like those guys,” – said Renat Layshev.

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