• Results of the Russian National Sambo Championship for men

Results of the Russian National Sambo Championship for men

10 March 2014 Sergei Grishin
Results of the Russian National Sambo Championship for men

The Russian National Sambo Championship for men took place on March 7-10 in Verkhnyaya Pyshma (Sverdlov Region). The competition gathered participants from all the regional Sambo Federations – athletes from 76 territories, regions and republics. For three days athletes fought hard to determine the winners in the individual competitions, after which there were team competitions held.

Making comments on the results of the tournament in the interview to the press service of the All-Russian Sambo Federation, the head coach of the men's national Russian team Dmitry Troshkin noted: "As a whole the national team remained 70% the same and was refreshed by 30% - of fresh blood coming. This process is unavoidable, it is essential. Everything is according to the plan, we will work to prepare the team for this season".

Results of the Russian National Sambo Championship for men
7-11 March, Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Sverdlov Region

52 kg
1. Karaulov Vasily (Krasnodar region)
2. Beglerov Igor (Perm region)
3. Klyukin Aleksey (Sverdlovsk region)
3. Soronokov Valery (Sverdlovsk region)

57 kg
1. Atkunov Aymergen (Sverdlovsk region)
2. Alexei Kuzmenko (Moscow)
3. Bokiev Bahodyr (Irkutsk region)
3. Mavliyarov Arthur (Sverdlovsk region)

62 kg
1. Khlybov Ilya (Sverdlovsk region)
2. Mudranov Aslan (Krasnodar region)
3. Bondarev Alexander (Republic of Chuvashya)
3. Adukov Abdulkadyr (Sverdlovsk region)

68 kg
1. Korolev Denis (Krasnodar region)
2. Sukhomlinov Eugeny (Khabarovsk region)
3. Balykov Vladimir (Penza region)
3. Gadzhiev Magomed (Moscow)

74 kg
1. Lebedev Ilya (Sverdlovsk region)
2. Khashiev Islam (Samara region)
3. Kurzhev Ali (Ryazan region)
3. Skryabin Stanislav (Kemerovo region)

82 kg
1. Vladimir Prikazchikov (Moscow)
2. Alexey Kharitonov (Penza Region)
3. Azamat Sidakov (Stavropol Territory)
3. Sergey Ryabov (Moscow)

90 kg
1. Chernoskulov Alsim (Sverdlovsk region)
2. Khandzhyan Arsen (Krasnodar region)
3. Shikalov Yuri (Moscow)
3. Osipenko Victor (Bryansk region)

100 kg
1. Eliseev Dmitry (St. Petersburg)
2. Minakov Dmitry (Bryansk region)
3. Kurginyan Eduard (Krasnodar region)
3. Renev Dmitry (Perm region)

Over 100 kg
1. Osipenko Artem (Bryansk region)
2. Isaev Evgeny (Perm region)
3. Nazhmudinov Magomed (Moscow)
3. Kuchumov Alexander (Moscow)

Results of the absolute championship of Russia
1. Shiryaev Maxim (Moscow)
2. Laipanov Kyamal (Karachaevo-Cherkessia)
3. Kuchumov Alexander (Moscow)
3. Bayramukov Taulan (Karachaevo-Cherkessia)

Sverdlov Region was well ahead and won the team competition.

Moscow team won the Russian Sambo Team Championship.

Photo: Press-service of ARSF

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