• SAMBO wrestlers from 15 countries competed in the Potapov Memorial

SAMBO wrestlers from 15 countries competed in the Potapov Memorial

2 June 2016 Sergei Grishin
SAMBO wrestlers from 15 countries competed in the Potapov Memorial

The Y. Potapov Memorial International Tournament was held in Vladivostok, Russia on May 28 and 29. Athletes from 15 countries competed for the title of strongest on the SAMBO mats at the Olympian Sports Complex.

More than 150 sambists from Russia, Germany, Israel, Georgia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia and South Korea took part in the tournament, which was held for the 16th time. Men and women competed in 9 weight categories.

The competitions are dedicated to the memory of Yuri Potapov, the first president of the Primorye SAMBO and Judo Federation and vice president of the All-Russian SAMBO Federation. The Y. Potapov Memorial Tournament has been held in Vladivostok since 1998. For the first three years, it had All-Russian status, and then joined the ranks of international competitions. The quality of these competitions has been improving year after year, so the tournament has been awarded the highest qualification as an international tournament (category A).

Results of the 16th Y. Potapov Memorial International Tournament

Vladivostok, May 28-29, 2016


48 kg

1. Anastasia Khramova (Russia)

2. Ksenia Fisenko (Russia)

3. Anastasia Andrievskaya (Russia)

3. Olga Burdeina (Russia)

52 kg

1. Yulia Vitsina (Russia)

2. Viktoria Timofeeva (Russia)

3. Yulia Bazko (Russia)

56 kg

1. Anna Kharitonova (Russia)

2. Olga Vitsina (Russia)

3. Maria Shraiber (Russia)

3. Viktoria Bondar (Russia)

60 kg

1. Anastasia Valova (Russia)

2. Nadezhda Zaitseva (Russia)

3. Violetta Gordeeva (Russia)

3. Aigul Khabirova (Russia)

64 kg

1. Oksana Lukyanchuk (Russia)

2. Aiko Ri (Russia)

3. Marina Shlyakhtina (Russia)

3. Hongju Pak (Korea)

68 kg

1. Daria Veredenko (Russia)

2. Sabina Artemchuk (Moldova)

3. Anna Chemerskaya (Russia)

72 kg

1. Viktoria Kazurina (Russia)

2. Valentina Biryukova (Russia)

3. Polina Potapenya (Russia)

3. Viktoria Berdyugina (Russia)

80 kg

1. Anastasia Filippovich (Russia)

2. Sofia Adrova (Russia)

3. Dolgar Shirin-Ool (Russia)

3. Daria Nikolaenko (Russia)

+80 kg

1. Ekaterina Feskova (Russia)

2. Maria Yugay (Russia)

3. Svetlana Bazko (Russia)


52 kg

1. Tigran Kirakosyan (Armenia)

2. Artur Ondar (Russia)

3. Shaluu Erdenbaatar (Mongolia)

3. Alexander Melnikov (Russia)

57 kg

1. Mikhail Danielyan (Russia)

2. Ainur Mullagaliev (Russia)

3. Nikolai Lapshin (Russia)

3. Ganhuyag Munhabat (Mongolia)

62 kg

1. Nikolai Kovtun (Russia)

2. Bakhodir Bokiev (Russia)

3. Tseden-Ish Rahanjav (Mongolia)

3. Haseong Song (Korea)

68 kg

1. Alexander Bondarev (Russia)

2. Maxim Yanchuk (Russia)

3. Ivan Khyrkov (Bulgaria)

3. Denis Bagila (Russia)

74 kg

1. Artur Akopyan (Russia)

2. Alexander Danko (Russia)

3. David Gabaidze (Russia)

3. Islam Khashiev (Russia)

82 kg

1. Alexander Ulyakhov (Russia)

2. Ivan Nikulin (Russia)

3. David Grigoryan (Armenia)

3. Anton Demin (Russia)


90 kg

1. Dmitry Karpov (Russia)

2. Anton Konovalov (Russia)

3. Vladislav Ushakov (Russia)

3. Semyon Gerilovich (Russia)

100 kg

1. Ivan Shtyrkov (Russia)

2. Alexei Volin (Israel)

3. Vladimir Sheleg (Russia)

+100 kg

1. Alexander Efremov (Russia)

2. Grigory Rozhin (Russia)

3. Igor Kolmagorov (Russia)

3. Alexei Usov (Russia)

Photo: Sobytiya News Agency

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