Sambists celebrate Play True Day

19 April 2024 FIAS
Sambists celebrate Play True Day

Each year on April 19th, the world of sports unites to celebrate Play True Day, a day devoted to promoting clean competition and emphasizing the crucial need to prevent doping in sports.

Since its inception in 2014, Play True Day has become a global movement, bringing athletes, fans, and sporting communities together to champion the values of fair play and integrity.

The inspiration for Play True Day originated from a 2013 WADA-hosted Education Conference, which saw 17 Latin American countries come together to discuss the importance of clean sport. What began as a regional initiative has now become a worldwide digital campaign reaching millions annually.

This year is particularly special as we observe Play True Day and celebrate the 25th anniversary of WADA. Under the #OnePlayTrueTeam banner, athletes worldwide have come together to share messages of support and solidarity in the fight against doping.

The FIAS team and the athletes’ commission traditionally join the campaign to celebrate the spirit of fair competition and a future where sports remain a source of inspiration and honour.




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