Sambo in Croatian kindergartens

18 January 2015 Sergei Grishin
Sambo in Croatian kindergartens

Since month September kids in Croatian kindergarten can start training Sambo, thanks to the efforts of Sambo academy of Slavonia and Baranja. Since the first successful presentation, the aim of the visit was the presentation of the Club and skills as well as opportunities for cooperation and training children who are interested for Sambo. 

In Croatia Sambo attracts more an more fans, and moving slowly, but surely to becoming a country of Sambo. 

Teenagers are already practising Sambo, since the sports activities rid the teenagers of such addictions as night clubs, drink, and computer games. Sambo academy is working with the children of a young age, which means that the focus is on prevention of bad habits development.

It is very important to provide children with knowledge that bad things can have adverse effects on their health. Of course all of them compete with protection. All the dangerous actions that can end with injury are forbidden.

Parents have also learned that Sambo is a great choice for their children looking to learn martial arts, get fit and have fun, learn the fundamentals of self-defence and be better and safe. Children trained in Sambo develop tremendous skills and self-confidence which stays with them for ever – helping them to succeed and grow, and better meet the challenges of life.

In kindergartens Sambo was presented by Christian Uskokovic, coach and club president, Nikola Harkanovac, Karlo Burgund, Matej Matijevic and David Somodji, the club secretary.

It is generally agreed cooperation of this club and kindergartens and organization of training for interested children kindergarten groups, from 4 years old to primary school, on Mondays and Fridays from 17.00 to 18.30 hours.

Christian Uskokovic is adamant about the safety of the practices he advocates, as the children do not engage in sparing sessions until they are much older. In Croatia a goal is to teach children the Russian self-defence system and more importantly to develop good discipline, leadership and command skills. A great physical condition is assured to the ones that try hard and learn well.

Such programs can only be of benefit to the children themselves and for society as a whole. In addition to the development of motor skills children develop good work habits and gain competitive experience, which will later help them in all aspects of life.

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