SAMBO in USA: Texas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey

1 August 2012 Sergei Grishin
In the end of April, a meeting of Executive Committee of Judo Federation and US Judo Championship were held in Dallas, TX. Due to these events "SAMBO troops" landed to the shores of the second (in area and population) US state. SAMBO in the United States was represented by FIAS Sports Director Dmitry Maximov and presentation team members Dilshod Makhmadbekov and Alexander Perepelyuk. By the way, traditionally, back from colonial times, all 50 North American states have their own mottos, including those adopted at the level of a state legislation. And the motto of the state visited by FIAS with presentation at Judo Federation Executive Committee and exhibition performance during the ceremony of Judo Championship opening is "Friendship". How could treat SAMBO the state with such a motto? Friendly, of course. But this is lyrical digression, and if we talk seriously, presentation and the following business meetings of FIAS representatives and members of US Judo Federation Executive Committee persuaded the American sports managers that SAMBO has prospects of development. It was decided to include USA Sambo Inc. Federation, which was registered in 2011, into US Judo Federation. On the following day SAMBO stepped from presentation screens to judo mats. Judo specialists and experts responded vividly to SAMBO show. The performance was bright and eye-catching, and closeness of these two types of combat sports made it easier for the spectators to comprehend it. From Texas to Pennsylvania and New Jersey. From "Friendship" to "Virtue, Liberty, and Independence" and then to "Liberty and Prosperity". Such optimistic mottos belong to the American states where SAMBO seminars were held. Each day about 30 people wishing to know more about SAMBO visited FIAS seminars. They were interested in everything: from the first step in a fight - trying to get a grip, to the final effort of a fight - realization of best technique in stand and in mat wrestling. Experienced athletes Dmitry Maximov, Dilshod Makhmadbekov and Alexander Perepelyuk managed to share both basic SAMBO skills and those individual nuances and details which strengthen and increase efficiency of a high class wrestler's personal technique. Presentation, show and seminars, negotiations and meetings - such rich whirlpool of events required strict compliance with schedule and perfect organizational work. Mikhail Kozitsky, world-class judo wrestler, Sports Director of Pan-American Sambo Federation was the man whose energy and charisma helped all of these tightly packed events to be a success. "Rei", as judo athletes would say, and we - FIAS representatives - would like to express our deep gratitude to Mikhail. The US national motto is "In God We Trust". A Russian proverb is "Trust in God, but rely on yourself". Summarizing all of the above, we come to conclusion: FIAS hopes for good luck, but at the same time it does not sit lazily. Hence we may suppose that the events that took place in April in America will become a good launching pad for successful development of SAMBO in this powerful sports country. Natalia Yukhareva press-service of FIAS
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