The secret weapon of Nicaraguan sambo wrestlers

21 August 2013 Sergei Grishin
The secret weapon of Nicaraguan sambo wrestlers

The Nicaragua national sambo team seems to be very seriously preparing for the November world championship in Saint-Petersburg. One cannot but think like that considering the information about the trainer Vladimir Dutov’s arrival to this country. The coach that worked earlier with Columbian sambo wrestlers will now be teaching the secret techniques to sportsmen in Nicaragua for three months. A.Moshanov, the FIAS Development department director, says that the FIAS specialist will not only be preparing the local sambo wrestlers for the world championship, but also will help organizing the first national sambo championship in this country.

Vladimir Dutov was welcomed in Nicaragua like a Hollywood star. The master’s arrival was announced in many local newspapers, and the sportsmen were looking forward to meet the trainer who would teach them the necessary techniques for their sport development and a praiseworthy performance at international competitions. And the FIAS specialist is lucky enough to get very good students there who are really quick on the draw.

The Nicaraguan sambo wrestlers have already proved their learning skills at the Pan-American 2013 championship. The continental competition was a debut for this team, because sambo had only started to actively develop in this country earlier this year. But this first step was not as troublesome as it could have been: 1 gold, 4 silver and 10 bronze medals. This result placed this debuting team at the 5th position in the gold medals list and the 2nd in the total medals list, after the indisputable leader of the Pan-American continent, the Venezuela team.

The success at the continental competition followed a seminar organized with the support of the FIAS. More than 60 sportsmen and coaches from different parts of the country had the chance to learn sambo from FIAS specialists. After this event our favourite combat sport started to be seriously discussed in many cities of the country. Mixed martial arts are extremely popular in Nucaragua, and sambo is perfect for succeeding in this sport. Wrestlers of different kinds of martial arts highly appreciated this new sport and many of them switched to sambo.

The FIAS specialist Vladimir Dutov will spend at least 3 months in Nicaragua. We can be sure that the number of sambo amateurs will increase significantly in this country during this time. As for the trainer, he has several missions to fulfill. He will be actively working to teach coaches and referees, and also will be organizing and running the first national sambo championship. And of course he will pay special attention to working with Nicaraguan sportsmen who will participate in the world sambo championship in Saint-Petersburg in November.

- The FIAS specialist Vladimir Dutov has already had his first trainings with our wrestlers. We are all very happy and glad to be doing the work we are going to do during the coming months, says the Nicaragua Sambo Federation president Carlos Perez. I would like to emphasize that the visit of such an experienced coach and his work on sambo development in our country have been made possible thanks to the cooperation of our national federation and the International Sambo Federation under the chairmanship of Vasiliy Shestakov. I am sure that this experience will be incredibly useful for promoting this great sport in Nicaragua.

Alexandr Solomahkin

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