• "Line Fight" As Striking Point Of The U-14 Championships Of Ukraine

"Line Fight" As Striking Point Of The U-14 Championships Of Ukraine

4 June 2018 Aleksandr Solomahin
"Line Fight" As Striking Point Of The U-14 Championships Of Ukraine

Approximately 500 participants from 22 regions of the country gathered at the SAMBO Championships of Ukraine among boys and girls under 14 that were held at the resort village of Karolino-Bugaz, Odessa Oblast. On May 27-28, the athletes competed for personal awards and cups in the team standings, and on May 29 the "line fight" competitions took place.

Чемпионат Украины по самбо среди юношей и девушек до 14 лет

‘The sheer number of participating athletes indicates that we are on the right track. It means that children enjoy our combat system. And these are the boys and girls who will pretty soon qualify for a place in the national teams: first as cadets, then as juniors. We hope that this foundation will be further strengthened by the young athletes whom we are attracting to our ranks, in the framework of the “SAMBO To Each And Every School” project,’ stated Mikhail Rudenko, the senior coach of the national team.

Чемпионат Украины по самбо среди юношей и девушек до 14 лет

In turn, president of the National SAMBO Federation of Ukraine Vadim Rogach stressed the emotional intensity of the "line fight" competitions, with the boys of eight regions and the girls of five regions engaged therein.

Чемпионат Украины по самбо среди юношей и девушек до 14 лет

‘Athletes representing each of the ten weight categories had to meet each other on the mat. The one who scored more wins became the winner in the group standings. It was a sight to see how the athletes were rooting for each other, were found upset at their defeats and rejoiced at their victories. It proved a fine final point of the tournament. Now we are considering the possibility of holding such competitions among the other age groups,’ concluded Vadim Rogach.

Чемпионат Украины по самбо среди юношей и девушек до 14 лет

Results of the Ukranian SAMBO Championships among boys and girls under 14

Team results

1. Kiev

2. Kharkovskaya oblast

3. Dnepropetrovskaya oblast

Individual results


Under 34 kg

1. Veronika CHERNUKHA (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast)

2. Anna PANTAK (Khersonskaya oblast)

3. Anastasiya KOLODYUK (Kiev) and Svetlana SHEVCHUK (Rovenskaya oblast)

Under 37 kg

1. Tatyana VAKHOVSKAYA (Ivano-Frankovskaya oblast)

2. Veronika MOLODYK (Kiev)

3. Violetta KUMECHKO (Zhitomirskaya oblast) and Darya CHIGARSKIKH (Khersonskaya oblast)

Under 40 kg

1. Olga POVAZHNAYA (Kharkovskaya oblast)

2. Anna SYCHEVSKAYA (Zhitomirskaya oblast)

3. Karina GOVYADOVSKAYA (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast) and Anastasiya DMUKHOVSKAYA (Kirovogradskaya oblast)

Under 43 kg

1. Ekaterina MARTYNENKO (Kiev)

2. Alena KUSHNAREVA (Kiev)

3. Anastasiya SIKISH (Ivano-Frankovskaya oblast) and Karina KLIMENCHUK (Zhitomirskaya oblast)

Under 47 kg

1. Yana VOLOSHENYUK (Ivano-Frankovskaya oblast)

2. Olesya PUTRYA (Kharkovskaya oblast)

3. Arina ZVYAGINTSEVA (Kharkovskaya oblast) and Sofiya KASYAN (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast)

Under 51 kg

1. Yeva SANDAR (Zakarpatskaya oblast)

2. Yuliya KUDIYENKO (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast)

3. Sofiya KARAPIRYA (Nikolayevskaya oblast) and Angelina VELICHKO (Sumskaya oblast)

Under 55 kg

1. Anna DEYEVA (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast)

2. Vladislava MOKH (Khersonskaya oblast)

3. Yuliya KUZMENKO (Kiev) and Mariya CHERNOKOZ (Zhitomirskaya oblast)

Under 59 kg

1. Yana SHIMKO (Kiev)

2. Angelina KALENICHENKO (Kharkovskaya oblast)

3. Yevgeniya SHEVCHENKO (Donetskaya oblast) and Irina IVASHCHUK (Luganskaya oblast)

Under 65 kg

1. Anna-Mariya PROTSENKO (Zhitomirskaya oblast)

2. Yekaterina LILIKOVICH (Rovenskaya oblast)

3. Milana POSIDYUK (Donetskaya oblast) and Mariya TIKHOLOZ (Kiev)

Over 65 kg

1. Margarita BELKOVA (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast)

2. Ivanna YUZEFOVICH (Kiev)

3. Ruslana KONONENKO (Donetskaya oblast) and Mariya SOKOTNYUK (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast)


Under 35 kg

1. Ivan LUKASH (Kharkovskaya oblast)

2. Igor CHERNYAK (Vinnitskaya oblast)

3. Aleksandr RYABYKH (Nikolayevskaya oblast) and Aleksandr YERMOLKO (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast)

Under 38 kg

1. Maksim BABICH (Kharkovskaya oblast)

2. Ruslan BEZZAPONNYY (Kharkovskaya oblast)

3. Maksim MAKSIMCHUK (Vinnitskaya oblast) and Artem GORBAN (Kiev)

Under 42 kg

1. Vladislav MELNIK (Odesskaya oblast)

2. Vladimir PELT (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast)

3. Marat ISMAILOV (Kharkovskaya oblast) and Ivan OKHRIMCHUK (Kiev)

Under 46 kg

1. Igor KARABAN (Kharkovskaya oblast)

2. Danila NAUMENKO (Sumskaya oblast)

3. Makar GAYSHINA (Kiev) and Artem NAUMENKO (Sumskaya oblast)

Under 50 kg

1. Maksim POMIRKOVANYY (Kharkovskaya oblast)

2. Bogdan KUTS (Cherkasskaya oblast)

3. Yevgeniy PILCHIK (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast) and Daniil BONDARENKO (Khersonskaya oblast)

Under 54 kg

1. Ivan CHERNYSHENKO (Sumskaya oblast)

2. Andrey ZAMRIBORSHCH (Khmelnitskaya oblast)

3. Gleb DUBINA (Luganskaya oblast) and Denis DOKTOROV (Kiev)

Under 59 kg

1. Aleksey BOLDYREV (Kiev)

2. Aleksey TERLETSKIY (Khmelnitskaya oblast)

3. Ivan SHVACHKO (Kharkovskaya oblast) and Nikita ISHCHENKO (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast)

Under 65 kg

1. Dmitriy RUSSKIKH (Donetskaya oblast)

2. Roman LYSAK (Kharkovskaya oblast)

3. Artem NAGORNYY (Odesskaya oblast) and Yuriy LOSHAK (Zakarpatskaya oblast)

Under 71 kg

1. Vladislav GURENKO (Kharkovskaya oblast)

2. Andrey KOZAK (Odesskaya oblast)

3. Vladislav ROMANENKO (Khersonskaya oblast) and Aleksandr SYCH (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast)

Over 71 kg

1. Ivan CHERTUSHKIN (Kharkovskaya oblast)

2. Yaroslav YEZHOV (Kiev)

3. Vladimir MINASYAN (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast) and Ilya DROZDENKO (Kiev) 

Team competitions «Line Fight»


1. Kiev

2. Dnepropetrovskaya oblast

3. Zhitomirskaya oblast


1. Kharkovskaya oblast

2. Kiev

3. Dnepropetrovskaya oblast

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