• Ukraine Held The First National Beach SAMBO Championships

Ukraine Held The First National Beach SAMBO Championships

6 June 2018 Aleksandr Solomahin
Ukraine Held The First National Beach SAMBO Championships

The first Ukrainian National Beach SAMBO Championships were held on May 30 on the Black Sea coast in Zatoka, Odessa Oblast. 107 participants from 10 regions of the country who were fighting for the awards of the tournament entered the history as the pioneers of national beach SAMBO. Competitions were held in two age categories: up to 16 years old, and older than this age.

Украина провела первый национальный чемпионат по пляжному самбо

One of the leading Ukrainian referees, Gennady Trostiansky became the chief referee of the tournament. Along with him, the competitions were refereed by Anatoly Kantur and Sergey Shpilev who had worked as referees at the recent European Championships in Athens, whilst Dmitry Koba who had acted as the chief scorer at the same continental forum in the Greek capital took over the protocol.

Украина провела первый национальный чемпионат по пляжному самбо

As is known, a victory in beach SAMBO can be obtained in two ways: by any throw (ahead of time) or by demonstrating a higher level of aggressiveness. The organizers noted that at the Ukrainian championships only a few fights lasted 3 minutes stipulated by the regulations. In all the other cases, everything was decided ahead of time due to technical activity.

Украина провела первый национальный чемпионат по пляжному самбо

‘The Championships of Ukraine were conducted according to the FIAS international rules which we translated into Ukrainian last winter. The only exception was made for the uniform – it was allowed to fight in red and blue outfits, as the sportswear manufacturers had not yet launched the production of white jerseys prescribed in the rules. Now, we will definitely start negotiating this issue with our partners, for we are going to enter the international arena,’ remarked Alexei Goncharuk, head of the Beach SAMBO Committee of the National SAMBO Federation of Ukraine (NSFU).

Украина провела первый национальный чемпионат по пляжному самбо

He also revealed that a trip to Cyprus is scheduled in the nearest plans of NSFU, where an open beach SAMBO tournament has been held for several years already.

‘The most important thing is that the participants have grown fond of beach SAMBO. Representatives of the regions are willing to organize the local competitions, which, of course, will facilitate the promotion of SAMBO, and will attract more children to our martial art. I wish to thank the Odessa Regional SAMBO Federation and all those who have assisted in organizing this festival,’ summarized Alexei Goncharuk.

Украина провела первый национальный чемпионат по пляжному самбо

Results of the Ukrainian National Beach SAMBO Championships 2018

Team Results - Youth (M&W)

1. Zhitomirskaya oblast

2. Dnepropetrovskaya oblast

3. Kiev

Youth (W)

Under 37 kg

1. Violetta KUMECHKO (Zhitomirskaya oblast)

2. Anastasiya KUDINA (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast)

Under 43 kg

1. Karina KLIMENCHUK (Zhitomirskaya oblast)

2. Kira TITOVETS (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast)

3. Dariya KOBA (Rovenskaya oblast) and Karina GOVYADOVSKAYA (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast)

Under 51 kg

1. Mariya CHERNOKOZ (Zhitomirskaya oblast)

2. Yuliya KUDIYENKO (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast)

3. Sofiya KAS'YAN (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast) and Vera OVERKOVSKAYA (Zhitomirskaya oblast)

Under 59 kg

1. Dariya CHUGAYNOVA (Zhitomirskaya oblast)

2. Yelizaveta ZOLOTAR (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast)

3. Irina IVASHCHUK (Luganskaya oblast) and Aleksandra PROTASEVICH (Zhitomirskaya oblast)

Over 59 kg

1. Yelizaveta MORENKO (Donetskaya oblast)

2. Yekaterina LILIKOVICH (Rovenskaya oblast)

3. Anna-Mariya PROTSENKO (Zhitomirskaya oblast)

Youth (M)

Under 38 kg

1. Yaroslav SHAPOSHNIKOV (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast)

2. Ivan PANASYUK (Zhitomirskaya oblast)

3. Vsevolod SIVOKON (Luganskaya oblast) and Nikolay KHOVRAKH (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast)

Under 42 kg

1. Nikolay SIMONCHUK (Rovenskaya oblast)

2. Rostislav SNEGUR (Odesskaya oblast)

3. Nikita GAVRILYUK (Odesskaya oblast) and Stanislav SINYAVSKIY (Luganskaya oblast)

Under 55 kg

1. Timur BELYY (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast)

2. Artur GORBUNOV (Khmelnitskaya oblast)

3. Vladimir MAKARITSKIY (Rovenskaya oblast)

Under 65 kg

1. Martin ZHIVILO (Kiev)

2. Maksim IVANOV (Khmel'nitskaya oblast)

3. Kirill SINYAVSKIY (Luganskaya oblast) and Maksim VELICHKO (Luganskaya oblast)

Over 65 kg

1. Dmitriy USTENKO (Kiev)

2. Nikita MATVEYEV (Zhitomirskaya oblast)

3. Bogdan ZELENEN'KIY (Odesskaya oblast) and Mark SMETANU (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast)

Team Results - Men and Women

1. Odesskaya oblast

2. Kiev

3. Zhitomirskaya oblast


Under 56 kg

1. Alvard AKOPYAN (Ternopolskaya oblast)

2. Ol'ga OGNIVETS (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast)

3. Tat'yana GERGANOVA (Odesskaya oblast) and Anna GNEZDILOVA (Odesskaya oblast)

Do 64 kg

1. Valeriya BIRYUCHENKO (Zhitomirskaya oblast)

2. Tatyana ZAPOROZHAN (Odesskaya oblast)

3. Nataliya PERESUN'KO (Odesskaya oblast) and Viktoriya KASYAN (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast)

Under 72 kg

1. Veronika GANCHEVA (Odesskaya oblast)

2. Mikhaela POPOVA (Odesskaya oblast)

Over 72 kg

1. Anastasiya SIRBOVA (Odesskaya oblast)

2. Alena KEDIK (Odesskaya oblast)

3. Olga GAVRILENKO (Odesskaya oblast) and Elvira CHEBOTAR (Odesskaya oblast)


Under 52 kg

1. Denis POPOV (Odesskaya oblast)

2. Andrey MARSEL (Zhitomirskaya oblast)

Under 62 kg

1. Kristian KRAVCHENKO (Odesskaya oblast)

2. Vladimir BUDENKO (Odesskaya oblast)

3. Pavel RAYLYAN (Odesskaya oblast) and Dmitriy ZAMRIY (Odesskaya oblast)

Under 74 kg

1. Maksim GOROBETS (Kiev)

2. Sergey SIDORENKOV (Kiev)

3. Vyacheslav NAPADOVSKIY (Odesskaya oblast) and Ivan DERMENDZHI (Odesskaya oblast)

Over 90 kg

1. Vadim SKRIPAL (Kievskaya oblast)

2. Vitaliy POPOV (Odesskaya oblast)

3. Vadim DZIGOVSKIY (Kiyev) and Dmitriy GUSHAN (Odesskaya oblast)

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