Yakub Koblev passed away

10 August 2012 Sergei Grishin
Yakub Koblev, the world famous and legendary SAMBO and Judo coach, passed away. Born in 1939, Yakub began to practice SAMBO in 1956, was in the top-10 of the strongest sambists of Russia in 1963, and his successful couch career began in 1961. In December 2011 he was 72 years old. Yakub Koblev is a Merited Coach of Russia, the founder of world famous wrestling judo and SAMBO School in Maikop (Russia), Professor and Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Education. Yakub Koblev was active in the sport for over 55 years and prepared the great athletes in SAMBO and judo - Champions and winners of the World and European Championships, as well as Vladimir Nevsorov, Arambiy Khapay, Arambiy Emigh, and Hasret Tklezery. Vladimir Nevsorov is Champion of the Olympic Games in Montreal. Yakub was not only a legendary couch famous all over the world but also a person who was a true fan of SAMBO and judo for all his live. The International Sambo Federation presents its sincere condolences to his family and close relatives.
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