Cameroonian Nanbudo Federation (National Sambo League)

Cameroon Cameroonian Nanbudo Federation (National Sambo League)
  • Francois Mbassi
    Francois Mbassi Secretary general
  • Albert Ateba Ndongo
    Albert Ateba Ndongo President of Sambo League
  • François NAMA 
    François NAMA  Secretary General of Sambo League
BP:16269 Quartier Titi Garage Essos Yaoundé-Cameroun +237 76 42 82 20

Sambo has appeared in Cameroon thanks to Mr. Jean-Paul MBOUELLE in 1996, and the organization that ran the Sambo in those days , was Sambo Cameroon Sports Association.

Sambo begins to develop in Yaounde and then gradually moving to the regions. At the same time it should be noted that Sambo Cameroon Sports Association operates within Cameroon Federation of Judo and Nanbudo and associated disciplines, and after the split of this federation Sambo Cameroon Sports Association decides to work with the Cameroon Nanbudo Federation. 

Thus, after the death of Mr. Jean-Paul MBOUELLE on 14 February 2011, the Cameroon National Sambo League starts functioning the same year after the visit of the President of the African Sambo Confederation, Mr. DALIL SKALLI.

Today the Cameroon National Sambo League is led by people actively practicing Sambo, namely: 

Mr. Belmond Luc ALOG

Mr. Francois NAMA 

all are students of the deceased Mr.Jean-Paul MBOUELLE.

Principal functionaries

MBASSI François : Secretary General of the African Sambo Confederation

ALOG Belmond Luc : International arbiter (FIAS)

Most titled and known athletes

NAMA François 

EKOBENA ABAH Richard Philippe 


Significant events

Sport Accord Combat Games 2010 (Beijing, China)

Sambo International Grand Prix 2011 (Casablanca, Morocco)

International Referees seminar 2012 (Casablanca, Morocco) with 2 Cameroonian referees licensed as a result

International coaches African seminar 2012 (Casablanca, Morocco)

Sambo World Championship 2012 (Minsk, Belarus)

African Sambo Championship 2013 (Casablanca, Morocco)

Sambo World Championship 2013 (St Petersburg, Russia)

Sambo World Cup Stage 2013 (Casablanca, Morocco)

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