Hellenic Federation Sambo, Kurash, Chidaoba

Greece Hellenic Federation Sambo, Kurash, Chidaoba
  • Merampi Iliadis
    Merampi Iliadis President
  • Georgios Chatzoglakis 
    Georgios Chatzoglakis  Secretary General
  • Grigorios Iliadis 
    Grigorios Iliadis  Vice-president
55132, 36 Efessou street, Thessaloniki, Greece +30 23 10 251 575 +30 23 10 251 300

The Hellenic Sambo Federation was founded in 2001. The federation is an active member of FIAS, and is developing and promoting sambo in all parts of Greece. Every year Greek athletes take part in all the main events in the world of sambo: continental championships, world championships, competitions and seminars.

Greece has a rich background in hosting major competitions, such as the world and European championships and leagues, and the world veterans’ championship. The Hellenic Sambo Federation regularly runs Greek competitions and championships in all age categories, and also takes an active part in international competitions. Thus, for example, in 2005 and 2013 the World Youth and Junior Championships for male and female competitors started in Thessaloniki. Championships for male and female youth and cadets take place at the end of June every year in Greece. Thus in 2013 the number of countries taking part in the world championships reached 30. Effectively two-thirds of these – 19 countries – won medals in Greece.

The key achievements of Greek competitors include achieving third team place in the Europe Junior Championships in 2010, which took place in Greece, twice winning the European Junior Championships, which took place in 2006 and 2010, and also medal finishes in the European Union Championships. There have been World Champions, European Champions, SportAccord medal winners and winners in Aslakhanov tournaments.

Here are just some of the competitors who have won medals and fame:

Vassilios Iliadis – Aslakhanov tournament champion in the +100kg category. Vassilios Iliadis won second place in the 2012 world championships in the +100kg category.

Dionysios Iliadis – Aslakhanov tournament champion in the 100kg category. In 2002 Dionysios Iliadis was the World and European Under-20 Champion in the 100kg category. Iliadis has also come third in the world sambo championships.

Elilsavet Teltsidou – women’s world champion in 2013 and 2012, winning gold at the championships in Bulgaria and Greece.

Greek competitors have achieved a lot: the athletes practising sambo include world champions in combat sambo and also world student champions. Greek competitors have always had a place of hour on the podiums of international competitions, and in future the Hellenic Sambo Federation plans to proactively develop and promote sambo and its athletes.

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