5 Reasons to Become FIAS Partner

7 August 2012 Sergei Grishin

1. SAMBO brand

SAMBO is a spectacular sport with fascinating wrestling pattern and energetic demonstration of power, quickness and intellect. SAMBO perfection is based on modern synthesis of combat maneuvers from various martial arts. Being a unique martial art, SAMBO is traditionally associated with confidence and honesty, respect and honour, excellence and discipline.

Having absorbed all the best from these arts, SAMBO has become virtually perfect form of self-defense. This is not only a sport, but also an applicable “Survival System” that promotes personal development and helps to adapt to complicated conditions of the present-day world, as well as strengthens the spirit and trains the body.


2. Audience with a pro-active attitude

SAMBO is a sport that attracts both young ambitious athletes and people who succeeded in various fields. The number of SAMBO supporters, both amateurs and professionals, grows every year. SAMBO International Federation (FIAS) largely contributes to it. It helps to develop this martial art around the globe. 

It should be specially noted that SAMBO awards a person with both inner and outer power, and gives deep faith in yourself. That is why SAMBO practitioners not only achieve heights in sports but on the whole are confident in their lives. Moreover, SAMBO is a large family, members of which are united by friendship and solidarity based on nobleness, mutual support and belonging to this sport.


3. SAMBO international popularity

Today SAMBO is an international martial art and it attracts ever increasing people’s attention on all the continents. International SAMBO tournaments under the auspices of FIAS are held in various corners of the world and arouse huge interest of the audience. Popularity of SAMBO events is confirmed with wide audience during broadcasting of tournaments, and with large number of radio listeners, Internet users, newspapers and magazines readers interested in this sport.


4. Close Cooperation of FIAS and mass media

SAMBO International Federation (FIAS) under the auspices of which most significant tournaments of the international level take place actively cooperates with mass media. FIAS concluded a cooperation agreement with the International Sport Press Association. All events of the official calendar of FIAS competitions are widely highlighted by press. The creation of a tight union with television contributes to FIAS partnership with the European Broadcasting Union.


5. FIAS is open for partnership

SAMBO constantly extends its geography and the number of fans, thus achieving new heights. That is why top companies are so eager to place their logo on SAMBO practitioners sport outfit or on billboards during competitions. 

It is widely known that sport sponsorship is one of the most effective ways of creating a positive image for sponsor companies. Being the only recognised international organisation that guides SAMBO development globally, FIAS gives its partners an access to the audience all over the world.

FIAS invites all the companies concerned to cooperate on conditions of partnership or sponsorship. We strive for mutually beneficial relations and offer open, simple and clear terms of cooperation.

If you are a dynamic company and your aim is not only to be a leader but also to create records in your business field, partnership with FIAS is exactly what will help you reach your goal.

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