• Over 400 people took part in an Online SAMBO seminar in China

Over 400 people took part in an Online SAMBO seminar in China

15 August 2022 Aleksandr Solomahin
Over 400 people took part in an Online SAMBO seminar in China

The first online SAMBO seminar for coaches and referees of Chinese colleges and universities was held on August 11-12. The event was organized by the China University Sports Association with the support of the International SAMBO Federation on the basis of the Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences. A total of 402 people took part in the seminar.

The program of the event covered various topics, including the history of the origin of SAMBO, the rules and methods of refereeing, as well as the features of techniques and basic skills of a sambist. The seminar was attended by teachers and students of various educational institutions, who are actively interested in martial arts.


“The initiative to hold this event came from the Chinese side, where we observe an active interest in the development of SAMBO in the country. Previously, we trained several specialists who are now not only SAMBO coaches in China, but are also actively developing this sport in their own country. They became the ideological inspirers and teachers at the seminar, and also invited me to conduct classes on the methodology of teaching SAMBO technical actions,” said the Executive Director of the International SAMBO Federation, Professor Sergey Tabakov.

According to him, in his training he focused on those techniques that are practically not found in national types of wrestling, which aroused genuine interest among the participants of the event.


“To demonstrate the techniques, I attracted Chinese students who were able not only to show the technique, but also to explain in detail all the nuances to their compatriots. This is not the first time we have used the online format for training, and it has proven itself well. I think that we will try to implement something similar in the near future in other countries for other national federations,” Tabakov added.

Together with the Executive Director of FIAS, the teachers in the classroom were:

Professor Gong Maofu, Secretary General of Judo Branch of Chinese University Sports Association, certified trainer of the International SAMBO Federation.


Xu Quansen, Head of the Social Science Department of the Research Department of the Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences, expert in promoting the humanities and social sciences in Chongqing.

Ge Xiaolong, candidate of pedagogical sciences, certified trainer of the International SAMBO Federation.

As the Chinese experts meticulously calculated, the learning process for two days took 12 hours and 44 minutes of pure time. And it motivated many of them to continue practicing SAMBO for many years to come.

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