• Australian Beach SAMBO Championships Held in Adelaide

Australian Beach SAMBO Championships Held in Adelaide

30 March 2023 Aleksandr Solomahin
Australian Beach SAMBO Championships Held in Adelaide

In March, autumn begins in Australia, but the weather still allows competitions to be held outdoors. The Sambo Federation of Australia took advantage of this situation and organized the National Beach SAMBO Championships in Adelaide on March 25th. The tournament was held in the festival mode: there was a place for competitions, as well as for training of spectators and a master class for children.


“SAMBO on the sand is still a new and not quite common martial art for Australians. Therefore, we tried to exclude beginners from the applications and invited only athletes with a certain experience to participate. Despite the fact that there are enough beaches in Australia, not all athletes have yet mastered them as a training and competition ground,” said Savely Timofeev, President of the National SAMBO Federation.


More than 20 sambists from three cities of the country took part in the championship: Gold Coast, Cairns and Adelaide. The audience was inspired by the beautiful wrestling demonstrated by the sambists on the sand and tried to master the SAMBO technique during the master class. The most active in this matter were children, for whom the National SAMBO Federation organized a separate show program.


“After the championship, we got together with all the participants and discussed further plans for the development of SAMBO in the country. We plan to hold at least one event per month in each state. Accreditation of young sambists in the state of Victoria is planned for the coming weekend, then competitions and demonstration performances are planned. And, of course, the preparation of the Australian national team for the Asian and Oceanian Championships in Kazakhstan is going on,” Timofeev added.

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