• Elder MORENO: “SAMBO Helps to Make Your Dreams Come True”

Elder MORENO: “SAMBO Helps to Make Your Dreams Come True”

12 April 2024 FIAS
Elder MORENO: “SAMBO Helps to Make Your Dreams Come True”

Venezuelan athlete Elder Moreno wrote his name in the history of the development of the “Blind SAMBO” discipline. In 2023, he won a gold medal at the World Combat Games, held in Saudi Arabia, where this discipline was included for the first time. At the end of March, the FIAS Executive Committee decided to include the discipline “Blind SAMBO” in the program of the World SAMBO Championships 2024, which will be held in Kazakhstan in November. In this regard, Moreno’s opinion about his previous achievement and forecasts regarding the World Championships is of particular relevance.

Elder, at the World Games in Riyadh you wrote your name in the history of the development of Blind SAMBO. How do you feel about this?

– I did not manage to achieve the result that I wanted at my first international SAMBO tournament for the blind – the Open Championship of Asia and Oceania, but after a while the Lord rewarded me. At the World Combat Games in Saudi Arabia, I became the winner in the weight category up to 79 kg among totally blind athletes. I really needed this medal, I’m happy that I was able to achieve this goal – it’s incredibly important to me.


What do you think is the secret of your victory?

– My mentor Avideo is preparing me, one of the most experienced sambist of our country and now coach Luis Adriansa is my coach at international competitions, other coaches help me, as well as my friends from the Venezuelan national team - everyone supports me during my preparation for the tournaments. Of course, I won’t tell you the training secret that allowed me to become a champion, otherwise everyone will know it. But in general, the answer is quite simple – you need to train every day, which is what I do.

At international tournaments, all the Pan-Americans support you. How significant is this and does it help in wrestling on the mat?

– Of course, this is always very important and pleasant. At the World Games, for example, I was not only supported from the stands, but also congratulated by our athletes. One of the first was Maria Amyulina Guedez, who also became the winner of these competitions among women. We met in Riyadh, I was very glad that she also won.

I am also always supported on social networks, many people write to me and send me audio with words of support, this is also very important to me. I want SAMBO for the visually impaired to actively develop in Latin America, so that we have both national and international high-level tournaments. At the moment, this is sorely lacking for the development of sports for people with disabilities.


Can you voice your plans for the near future, and what place does the World SAMBO Championships have in them?

– Of course, now all our thoughts are about the World SAMBO Championships, because for the first time blind athletes will be represented at a tournament of this level. I think this will encourage as many athletes as possible in different countries to try their hand at SAMBO, especially if they have experience in training or competing in other martial arts.

Overall, my main plans are to train, develop and become stronger in order to adequately represent my country at the highest level of competitions. I want to thank my family, my coaches, friends and all the fans who support me.

Why is it important for you to participate in SAMBO tournaments?

– SAMBO helps to make your dreams come true. Because people like me also have their dreams, and one of them came true for me at the World Combat Games in Saudi Arabia. We will soon find out whether it will be repeated at the World SAMBO Championships in Kazakhstan.


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