• The Ukrainian SAMBO Federation intends to progress

The Ukrainian SAMBO Federation intends to progress

4 February 2014 Sergei Grishin
The Ukrainian SAMBO Federation intends to progress

The election conference of the Ukrainian SAMBO Federation (FSU) was held in Kiev on January 22. The event resulted in a number of staff and regulatory changes. According to the Federation, innovations will help to continue progressive reforms in the Ukrainian SAMBO – primarily in terms of the organization. We would like to bring to your attention the updated structure of the Ukrainian SAMBO Federation.

According to the official website of the Federation, the elections of the FSU management yielded the following results:

President of the FSU – Vadim Rogach.

Vice President for Strategy and Development – Dmitry Dymov.

Vice President for Finance and Economic Affairs – Sergey Kostenko.

Vice President for sambo fight – Valery Barsky.

Vice President for sambo among students – Vladimir Tibabishev.

Vadim Rogach will act for the Vice President for combat sambo at present.

Secretary General – Oleg Bolotov.

Chairman of the Coaching Board – Vyacheslav Leonov.

Chairman of the Board of Judges – Anatoly Kantur.

Chairman of the Athletes’ Commission – Victor Savinov.

In addition, some rearrangements in coaching staff of the national teams of all ages took place. Due to the fact that SAMBO was accepted to the International University Sports Union, new positions of student teams’ mentors were introduced.

Head Coach of the Ukrainian national team – Alexander Naukhatko.

Senior Coach of the men’s national team – Gennady Gorokhov.

Senior Coach of the women’s national team – Mikhail Yunak.

Senior Coach of the combat sambo national team– Ruslan Panchenko.

Senior Coach of male juniors and young men national team – Evgeny Tesher.

Senior Coach of female juniors and girls national team – Vladimir Nakonechny.

Senior Coach of cadets (boys) – Sergey Logvinenko.

Senior Coach of cadets (girls) – Sergey Shpilev.

Senior Coach of men’s student national team – Oleg Zaika.

Senior Coach of women’s student national team – Evgeny Bodnaruk.

New structures also appeared as part of the FSU: Sports Commission (Victor Savinov, Marina Prishchepa and Igor Severin joined it) and Board of Trustees and the Supervisory Board. The task was set to develop regulations of the Disciplinary Committee until March.

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