• The Ukrainian SAMBO Cup in Lutsk: Qualification For National Team Goes On

The Ukrainian SAMBO Cup in Lutsk: Qualification For National Team Goes On

5 March 2018 Aleksandr Solomahin
The Ukrainian SAMBO Cup in Lutsk: Qualification For National Team Goes On

In the course of two days, on March 3-4, the fights of the Ukrainian SAMBO Cup took place in Lutsk. Over 270 athletes from 20 regions of the country took part in the tournament. The results of the competitions revealed the prize-winners among men and women in both sport and combat SAMBO.

The Ukrainian SAMBO Cup in Lutsk: Qualification For National Team Goes On

– These competitions represent one of the qualification stages for membership in the national team, in which the young athletes have got an opportunity to show themselves on equal terms with experienced sambists, – remarked Mikhail Rudenko, the senior coach of the Ukrainian team. – In sport SAMBO, we’ve lowered the access age rates to 16. And from our standpoint, this would provide additional competitive practice for all age categories, while juniors will get a chance to intensify improvement of their skills when matched against more experienced fighters.

The Ukrainian SAMBO Cup in Lutsk: Qualification For National Team Goes On

Commenting on the outcome of the Cup, Mikhail Rudenko highlighted a number of fights.

– For one, in combat SAMBO in the under 74 kg weight class Vladislav Rudnev faced Vadim Burchak. The former was the bronze winner of the 2017 World Championships, while the latter was the winner of the recent A-category tournament in Minsk. Their tense standoff resulted in Rudnev’s victory who justly won the Ukrainian Cup, – noted the senior coach of the national team.

The Ukrainian SAMBO Cup in Lutsk: Qualification For National Team Goes On

Results of the 2018 Ukrainian SAMBO Cup

Team Standings

1. Odesskaya oblast 

2. Kharkovskaya oblast 

3. Volynskaya oblast


44 kg

1. Yelizaveta DIDORENKO (Sumskaya oblast)

2. Yelizaveta POLOVIKOVA (Kharkovskaya oblast)

48 kg

1. Aleksandra KAMINSKAYA (Donetskaya oblast)

2. Anna OSTROVSKAYA (Donetskaya oblast)

3. Inna GOMENCHUK (Volynskaya oblast) i Alla BEGEBA (Ivano-Frankovskaya oblast)

52 kg

1. Tatyana DZHABRAILOVA (Donetskaya oblast)

2. Alvard AKOPYAN (Ternopolskaya oblast)

3. Yelena ZIBALOVA (Zhitomirskaya oblast) i Irina CHERKAS (Lvovskaya oblast)

56 kg

1. Yelena GAYDASH (Nikolayevskaya oblast)

2. Viktoriya POLYAKOVA (Kharkovskaya oblast)

3. Yuliya VORONENKO (Sumskaya oblast) i Mariya CHERVAN (Rovenskaya oblast)

60 kg

1. Vladislava NETSVIT (Kharkovskaya oblast)

2. Mariya RYBACHUK (Odesskaya oblast)

3. Nataliya PERESUNKO (Odesskaya oblast)

64 kg

1. Darya REGIL (Kiev)

2. Antonina KHRULENKO (Kiev)

3. Valeriya BIRYUCHENKO (Zhitomirskaya oblast) i Anna KRASOTA (Kiev)

68 kg

1. Ulyana KLYAPKA (Kiev)

2. Anna GERMAN (Sumskaya oblast)

3. Karina SARKISYAN (Donetskaya oblast)

72 kg

1. Anna ANTIKALO (Nikolayevskaya oblast)

2. Aleksandra SIRENKO (Odesskaya oblast)

3. Valentina SHCHERBATYUK (Odesskaya oblast) i Lidiya ALEKSEYEVA (Donetskaya oblast)

80 kg

1. Nataliya PILIPENKO Kiev

2. Galina KOVAL'SKAYA (Odesskaya oblast)

3. Alina BONDAREVA (Volynskaya oblast) i Yana BORSUK (Rovenskaya oblast)

+80 kg

1. Marina YAKUBETS (Chernigovskaya oblast)

2. Darya STAROVOYTOVA (Volynskaya oblast)

3. Miroslava TSIGOLKO (Volynskaya oblast) i Oksana SHCHERBINSKAYA (Volynskaya oblast)


48 kg

1. Andrey FILIP (Odesskaya oblast)

52 kg

1. Grachik OSIPYAN (Donetskaya oblast)

2. Artur POLOVIKOV (Kharkovskaya oblast)

3. Denis ARTIMCHUK (Odesskaya oblast) i Andrey MARMIL (Zhitomirskaya oblast)

57 kg

1. Dilshot KHALMATOV (Kiev)

2. Maksim BELEVTSOV (Kharkovskaya oblast)

3. Artem MIGOTIN (Odesskaya oblast) i Andrey LAYSHCHUK (Ivano-Frankovskaya oblast)

62 kg

1. Aleksandr MEDVEDEV (Kharkovskaya oblast)

2. Vasiliy ONUFRAK (Ivano-Frankovskaya oblast)

3. Safgulu KHALILOV (Kharkovskaya oblast) i Vadim CHERNOV (Volynskaya oblast)

68 kg

1. Kirill MELNICHENKO (Kharkovskaya oblast)

2. Mikhail SATS (Volynskaya oblast)

3. Dmitriy YEVDOSHENKO (Kharkovskaya oblast) i Igor BURYY (Chernigovskaya oblast)

74 kg

1. Dmitriy BABIYCHUK (Khmelnitskaya oblast)

2. Aleksandr BRUS (Khmelnitskaya oblast)

3. Sergey NAUMOV (Odesskaya oblast) i Denis KULENKO (Vinnitskaya oblast)

82 kg

1. Andrey DYACHENKO (Odesskaya oblast)

2. Nazariy MARKULCHAK (Ivano-Frankovskaya oblast)

3. Stanislav VASILYUK (Ivano-Frankovskaya oblast) i Daniel SAFIN (Chernigovskaya oblast)

90 kg

1. Dmitriy STETSENKO (Kharkovskaya oblast)

2. Yaroslav DAVIDCHUK (Lvovskaya oblast)

3. Dmitriy ONISHCHUK (Volynskaya oblast) i Vladislav TOMASHEV (Dnepropetrovskaya oblast)

100 kg

1. Aleksandr MINDYLA (Kharkovskaya oblast)

2. Aleksandr DUKHNEVICH (Kharkovskaya oblast)

3. Aleksandr TSURKAN (Khersonskaya oblast) i Yuriy KOSKIN (Volynskaya oblast)

+100 kg

1. Andrey BOLOBAN (Cherkasskaya oblast)

2. Dmitriy YURCHUK (Kiev)

3. Maksim MELNIK (Chernigovskaya oblast) i Georgiy DIL (Odesskaya oblast)

Combat SAMBO

48 kg

1. Andrey FILIP (Odesskaya oblast)

2. Aleksandr KLAPSHA (Vinnitskaya oblast)

3. Andrey GRISHCHENKO (Volynskaya oblast)

52 kg

1. Denis ARTIMCHUK (Odesskaya oblast)

2. Vitaliy DOBRYANSKIY (Zhitomirskaya oblast)

3. Grigoriy ONISHCHUK (Volynskaya oblast)

57 kg

1. Vladislav KOKHNENKO (Odesskaya oblast)

2. Dmitriy KISELEV (Kharkovskaya oblast)

3. Andrey PROTASYUK (Volynskaya oblast)

62 kg

1. Aleksandr VOROPAYEV (Odesskaya oblast)

2. Vladimir TOPEKHIN (Kiev)

3. Nikita SHEVCHUK (Kiev) i Dmitriy GAYDAYCHUK (Vinnitskaya oblast)

68 kg

1. Bogdan KONDRATOVICH (Kharkovskaya oblast)

2. Zeydulakh NAZIROV (Kharkovskaya oblast)

3. Vyacheslav TEN (Nikolayevskaya oblast) i Bachuki BAGISHVILI (Kharkovskaya oblast)

74 kg

1. Vladislav RUDNEV (Kharkovskaya oblast)

2. Vadim BURCHAK (Rovenskaya oblast)

3. Ramiz ABDULAYEV (Odesskaya oblast) i Aleksandr TSARENKO (Zhitomirskaya oblast)

82 kg

1. Artur VOROBYEV (Kharkovskaya oblast)

2. Maksim KOLMAKOV (Kiev)

3. Aleksandr SHTUMBENKO (Odesskaya oblast) i Aleksandr VET (Kiev)

90 kg

1. Petr DAVYDENKO (Lvovskaya oblast)

2. Denis TKACHUK (Odesskaya oblast)

3. Andrey SHTEFAN (Kiev) i Georgiy SHEVCHUK (Kiev)

100 kg

1. Danila BELOUSOV (Kiev)

2. Igor POTERYA (Kiev)

3. Yuriy KOSKIN (Volynskaya oblast) i Roman TROKHIMCHUK (Donetskaya oblast)

+100 kg

1. Yuriy ZAKHARETS (Rovenskaya oblast)

2. Aleksandr VARICHENKO (Kiyev)

3. Artur SHCHEGELNYY (Volynskaya oblast) i Roman GOROSHKEVICH (Volynskaya oblast)

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