• Ukrainian Youth and Junior SAMBO Championships Held in Kherson

Ukrainian Youth and Junior SAMBO Championships Held in Kherson

6 February 2019 FIAS
Ukrainian Youth and Junior SAMBO Championships Held in Kherson

On February 1-3, Ukrainian Youth and Junior SAMBO Championships (U-18 and U-20) in Sports and Combat SAMBO took place in Kherson. The competitions brought together approximately 500 athletes from 22 regions of the country. This tournament was a qualifier for the national team of Ukraine that in April will perform at the European Youth and Junior SAMBO Championships.


'I wish to thank the Kherson division of the National SAMBO Federation of Ukraine (NFSU) headed by Ivan Litvinenko, for the perfectly organized competitions. This tournament was the first national championships that took place in this region during the time of Ukraine’s independence,' remarked NFSU President Vadim Rogach. 'Three days of competitions have presented us with many gripping fights in every section of the program. I think we have selected the worthy members of the national team who will fight with the same fervor at the continental championships.’


The leader of Ukrainian SAMBO noted that the first national starts of the season took place in Kherson.

'We still have many significant competitions ahead. The closest of them is the Ukrainian SAMBO Cup that will be held in March in Lutsk. And before it, our athletes will test their strength at the Belarus President’s Cup in Minsk,' claimed Rogach.


Results of the 2019 Ukrainian Youth and Junior SAMBO Championships

Team Standings (U-18)

1. Kharkiv region

2. Dnipropetrovsk region

3. Odessa region

Youth (W) – Sport SAMBO

40 kg

1. Ekaterina GRIGORENKO (Vinnytsia Oblast)

2. Irina SHEVCHUK (Rivne Oblast)

3. Diana MOROZOVA (Donetsk oblast)

44 kg

1. Veronika MITSKEVICH (Odessa Oblast)

2. Miroslava SAVCHENKO (Kharkiv Oblast)

3. Anna SIKISH (Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast) and Yuliya BURLAK (Vinnytsia Oblast)

48 kg

1. Sofiya BORDINSKIKH (Dnipropetrovsk Oblast)

2. Valeriya VASHCHENKO (Sumy Oblast)

3. Alina MAREYCHEVA (Cherkasy Oblast) and Karina RADCHENKO (Kiev)

52 kg

1. Ruslana PEREKHREST (Kiev)

2. Aleksandra PRISHCHENKO (Vinnytsia Oblast)

3. Anna KOSTERNAYA (Mykolaiv Oblast) and Darya ROMANOVICH (Dnipropetrovsk Oblast)

56 kg

1. Elena KRAVCHENKO (Zhytomyr Oblast)

2. Irina OGLI (Kharkiv Oblast)

3. Anna DEYEVA (Dnipropetrovsk Oblast) and Yuliya VORONENKO (Sumy Oblast)

60 kg

1. Viktoriya POPOVICH (Dnipropetrovsk Oblast)

2. Anna OKHRIMENKO (Sumy Oblast)

3. Mariya RYBACHUK (Odessa Oblast) and Mariya KUNEVICH (Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast)

65 kg

1. Valeriya BIRYUCHENKO (Zhytomyr Oblast)

2. Mariya TRACHUK (Kiev)

3. Valeriya ZAKHAREVICH (Dnipropetrovsk Oblast) and Oksana SALOVA (Kharkiv Oblast)

70 kg

1. Vladislava TOROPTSEVA (Cherkasy Oblast)

2. Anastasiya KRASNIKOVA (Kharkiv Oblast)

3. Diana KURILO (Dnipropetrovsk Oblast) and Valeriya CHERNENKO (Kiev)

75 kg

1. Nataliya CHISTYAKOVA (Chernihiv Oblast)

2. Irina LOGOYDA (Odessa Oblast)

3. Anna DYMOVA (Odessa Oblast)

+75 kg

1. Ekaterina CHOVGUN (Dnipropetrovsk Oblast)

2. Anastasiya BEZOTOSNA (Kharkiv Oblast)

3. Elvira CHEBOTAR (Odessa Oblast) and Elizaveta MORENKO (Donetsk Oblast)


Youth (M) – Sport SAMBO

48 kg

1. Maksim KAZNACHEYEV (Kharkiv Oblast)

2. Danila MOVCHAN (Kharkiv Oblast)

3. Pavel ZVER'KO (Vinnytsia Oblast) and Maksim ZIMIN (Vinnytsia Oblast)

52 kg

1. Yury YAREMCHUK (Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast)

2. Nikolay SHRAMKO (Vinnytsia Oblast)

3. Georgy KURKOID (Odessa Oblast) and Yusif DZHABAROV (Kharkiv Oblast)

56 kg

1. Danila ISAYENKO (Kharkiv Oblast)

2. Evgeniy FEDENKO (Odessa Oblast)

3. Roman SHIYKA (Lvovskaya oblast) and Vitaly SHULGA (Mykolaiv Oblast)

60 kg

1. Daniil VEGIYEV (Kharkiv Oblast)

2. Nazar LOBODA (Vinnytsia Oblast)

3. Amonulo MADZHIDOV (Kharkiv Oblast) and Semen NOVOSAD (Lviv Oblast)

65 kg

1. Roman TRUSH (Kharkiv Oblast)

2. Egor REVA (Kharkiv Oblast)

3. Nikita PATSYUK (Mykolaiv Oblast) and Danila KANIKOVSKIY (Odessa Oblast)

70 kg

1. Sergey NEBOTOV (Mykolaiv Oblast)

2. Yury KRASNIKOV (Kharkiv Oblast)

3. Maksim MEDVEDEV (Vinnytsia Oblast) and Sergey IVANOV (Odessa Oblast)

75 kg

1. Denis KIZIMENKO (Kharkiv Oblast)

2. Nazar ZUBKOV (Kharkiv Oblast)

3. Aleksey SEDLOV (Kharkiv Oblast) and Maksim BILINSKIY (Kirovohrad Oblast)

81 kg

1. Timur VALEYEV (Zhytomyr Oblast)

2. Bogdan PUSHENKO (Kiev Oblast)

3. Aleksey YERSHOV (Zaporizhia Oblast) and Ruslan ISAYEV (Zaporizhia Oblast)

87 kg

1. Kirill SHEVCHUK (Odessa Oblast)

2. Danilo GOLOLOBOV (Zaporizhia Oblast)

3. Daniil KARLOV (Chernihiv Oblast) and Konstantin PAVLISHIN (Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast)

+87 kg

1. Evgeniy PANICH (Kherson Oblast)

2. Yegor KRININ (Kiev)

3. Sergey KOVBASYUK (Zaporizhia Oblast) and Evgeniy VERKUSH (Kiev)

Youth (M) – Combat SAMBO

48 kg

1. Vladimir CHORNYY (Kiev)

2. David DOLGOV (Kharkiv Oblast)

3. Dmitry SEMENCHENKO (Zhytomyr Oblast) and Denis PLEKHANOV (Donetsk Oblast)

52 kg

1. Andrey MARMIL (Zhytomyr Oblast)

2. Oleg PLECHKO (Zhytomyr Oblast)

3. Vladimir MOSKALENKO (Donetsk Oblast) and Bogdan BELKIN (Dnipropetrovsk Oblast)

56 kg

1. Vladimir SECHKAREV (Luhansk Oblast)

2. Yevgeniy CHABANOV (Mykolaiv Oblast)

3. Aleksey KOKHANSKIY (Kherson Oblast) and Vladimir GLUSHCHENKO (Kiev)

60 kg

1. Murad GUSEYNOV (Dnipropetrovsk Oblast)

2. Vitaly NOSOK (Zhytomyr Oblast)

3. Nikolay SIDOR (Khmelnytskyi Oblast) and Eduard KRASNOZHON (Mykolaiv Oblast)

65 kg

1. Aleksey BULAY (Kherson Oblast)

2. Dmitriy RUY (Kherson Oblast)

3. Nikita ZUBKOV (Luhansk Oblast) and Artem SEKIRIN (Zhytomyr Oblast)

70 kg

1. Kirill KRASNIKOV (Kharkiv Oblast)

2. Ilya SHAKHOV (Kherson Oblast)

3. David KHRULENKO (Kiev) and Aleksandr PROTASENKO (Odessa Oblast)

75 kg

1. Vladislav IVANYUKHIN (Kherson Oblast)

2. Gennadiy STEPANENKO (Kiev)

3. Denis MIKHALCHUK (Kherson Oblast) and Vasiliy IVONYAK (Odessa Oblast)

81 kg

1. Ivan KOZLOVSKIY (Odessa Oblast)

2. Aleksandr PETROV (Dnipropetrovsk Oblast)

3. Bogdan YAVORENKO (Zhytomyr Oblast) and Oleg TRETYAKOV (Kherson Oblast)

87 kg

1. Konstantin PAVLISHIN (Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast)

2. Ruslan GALAYEV (Kiev)

3. Evgeniy RASHEVSKIY (Dnipropetrovsk Oblast) and Konstantin KAMINSKIY (Kiev)

+87 kg

1. Dmitriy KABANETS (Kiev)

2. Pavel BUGANOV (Kherson Oblast)

3. Georgiy MIROSHNICHENKO (Dnipropetrovsk Oblast) and Nikita MARCHENKO (Dnipropetrovsk Oblast)


Team Standings (U-20)

1. Kiev

2. Kharkiv Oblast

3. Odessa Oblast

Juniors (W) – Sport SAMBO

44 kg

1. Ekaterina NOVITSKAYA (Kiev)

48 kg

1. Alla BEGEBA (Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast)

2. Valentina NOVITSKAYA (Kiev)

3. Ilona NAZARCHUK (Rivne Oblast) 

52 kg

1. Ruslana PEREKHREST (Kiev)

2. Anastasiya BEZATOSNAYA (Kharkiv Oblast)

3. Anna MELKOVSKA (Kiev) and Alena ZIBALOVA (Zhytomyr Oblast)

56 kg

1. Anastasiya PEREKHREST (Kiev)

2. Viktoriya BALZHIK (Odessa Oblast)

3. Ivanna CHERVAN (Rivne Oblast) and Yuliya VORONENKO (Sumy Oblast)

60 kg

1. Vladislava NETSVIT (Kharkiv Oblast)

2. Viktoriya POPOVICH (Dnipropetrovsk Oblast)

3. Ivanna POPADYUK (Ternopil Oblast) and Mariya RYBACHUK (Odessa Oblast)

64 kg

1. Maryana MIKHAYLOVA (Kharkiv Oblast)

2. Lidiya VASHCHENKO (Zhytomyr Oblast)

3. Oksana SALOVA (Kharkiv Oblast) and Anna KUPINA (Kharkiv Oblast)

68 kg

1. Valeriya ZAKHAREVICH (Dnipropetrovsk Oblast)

2. Diana KURILO (Dnipropetrovsk Oblast)

3. Aleksandra SIRENKO (Odessa Oblast) and Ekaterina NAGORNAYA (Sumy Oblast)

72 kg

1. Salome AKHALAYA (Kiev)

80 kg

1. Mariya MERKULOVA (Dnipropetrovsk Oblast)

2. Nataliya CHISTYAKOVA (Chernihiv Oblast)

3. Yana BORSUK (Rivne Oblast) and Irina LOGOYDA (Odessa Oblast)

+80 kg

1. Ekaterina CHOVGUN (Dnipropetrovsk Oblast)

2. Anastasiya BEZOTOSNAYA (Kharkiv Oblast)


Juniors (M) – Sport SAMBO

48 kg

1. Vitaliy TERENTYEV (Mykolaiv Oblast)

52 kg

1. Yury YAREMCHUK (Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast)

2. Yusif DZHABAROV (Kharkiv Oblast)

3. Aleksandr KLAPSHA (Vinnytsia Oblast) and Gevorg MANUKYAN (Odessa Oblast)

57 kg

1. Danilo TOMASHEVS'KIY (Kharkiv Oblast)

2. Andrey LAYSHCHUK (Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast)

3. Evgeniy DOBROVOLSKIY (Odessa Oblast) and Anatoly KULIBABA (Vinnytsia Oblast)

62 kg

1. Artur MARTIROSYAN (Kharkiv Oblast)

2. Artem MIGOTIN (Odessa Oblast)

3. Bogdan SHERSHEN (Khmelnytskyi Oblast) and Vladimir AMELIN (Kharkiv Oblast)

68 kg

1. Mikhaylo SVIDRAK (Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast)

2. Artem STANILOGA (Kiev)

3. Pavel MOLCHANOV (Mykolaiv Oblast) and Gleb LUBYANKO (Kharkiv Oblast)

74 kg

1. Sergey NAUMOV (Odessa Oblast)

2. Nikita CHERVYAKOV (Kharkiv Oblast)

3. Kirill MATUS (Dnipropetrovsk Oblast) and Aleksey MALETS (Kiev)

82 kg

1. Stanislav SERGIYCHUK (Khmelnytskyi Oblast)

2. Artur YEFREMOV (Cherkasy Oblast)

3. Nazar SHADRIN (Mykolaiv Oblast) and Nazar ZUBKOV (Kharkiv Oblast)

90 kg

1. Yaroslav DAVIDCHUK (Khmelnytskyi Oblast)

2. Sergey BILETS (Kharkiv Oblast)

3. Daniil KARLOV (Chernihiv Oblast) and Sergey MOLODYK (Kiev)

100 kg

1. Evgeniy VEGERA (Kharkiv Oblast)

2. Egor LEONOV (Kharkiv Oblast)

3. Egor KRYNIN (Kiev) and Igor KOKHAN (Kiev)

+100 kg

1. Yaroslav KNYSH (Kharkiv Oblast)

2. Kirill NECHEPORYUK (Odessa Oblast)

3. Georgiy DIL (Odessa Oblast) and Evgeniy PANYUKHNO (Kiev)

Juniors (M) – Combat SAMBO

48 kg

1. Vladimir CHORNYY (Kiev)

52 kg

1. Gevorg MANUKYAN (Odessa Oblast)

2. Andrey FILIP (Odessa Oblast)

3. Dzhafar ISKENDEROV (Kiev) and Aleksandr KLAPSHA (Vinnytsia Oblast)

57 kg

1. Zakhar LYULIN (Donetsk Oblast)

2. Dzhonik MSTOYAN (Kiev)

3. Denis LEBID (Dnipropetrovsk Oblast) and Andrey MARMYL (Zhytomyr Oblast)

62 kg

1. Aleksandr USMANOV (Odessa Oblast)

2. Nikita ARTEMENKO (Chernihiv Oblast)

3. Bogdan KOGUTKO (Kiev) and Danila MUDRAK (Vinnytsia Oblast)

68 kg

1. Maksim PODOROZHNYY (Rivne Oblast)

2. Artem AFANASENKO (Kherson Oblast)

3. Roman LIKHOTVORYUK (Zhytomyr Oblast)

74 kg

1. Nikita CHERVYAKOV (Kharkiv Oblast)

2. Maksim VITCHENKO (Kharkiv Oblast)

3. Stepan SAMKOV (Rivne Oblast) and Egor ANTONYUK (Vinnytsia Oblast)

82 kg

1. Vadim LOS (Zhytomyr Oblast)

2. Mikhaylo LAKIZA (Dnipropetrovsk Oblast)

3. Aleksandr PROTSENKO (Kherson Oblast)

90 kg

1. Ilya LUPINOV (Kiev)

2. Sergey MOLODYK (Kiev)

3. Andrey CHICHIN (Donetsk Oblast) and Dmitriy ARNAUTOV (Kiev)

100 kg

1. Artem OVCHAROV (Mykolaiv Oblast)

2. Andrey MELNIKOV (Dnipropetrovsk Oblast)

+100 kg

1. Evgeniy PANYUKHNO (Kiev)

2. Artem TISHCHENKO (Odessa Oblast)

3. Georgiy DIL (Odessa Oblast) and Vladimir LIKHOBABA (Donetsk Oblast)

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